Risk Management

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The City of Culver City’s Risk Management Division is responsible for mitigating and managing the City’s exposure to risk. The division achieves this by purchasing insurance to protect its assets, actively managing liability and workers’ compensation claims filed against the City, and implementing safety and loss control programs.


The City’s liability claims are managed by the City Attorney’s Office. Liability claims against the City must be filed with the City Clerk’s Office on the 1st floor in City Hall. For more information, call (310) 253-5660.

Insurance Program

The City has been a member of the Independent Cities Risk Management Authority (ICRMA), a joint powers authority, since for more than 20 years. Through the ICRMA, the City is able to pool its assets together with the 28 other member cities and purchase insurance at competitive premiums.

  • The City participates in the following ICRMA insurance programs:
    Property Insurance (including Earthquake and Flood)
    General Liability Insurance
    Excess Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    Automobile Physical Damage Insurance

  • Additionally, the City purchases the following insurance policies:
    Boiler and Machinery Insurance
    Travel Accident Insurance
    Public Employee Blanket & Fidelity Bonds    

Loss Prevention and Control: Safety Program

The City has a safety program in place to prevent losses to the City, such as employee injury, injury to the public, or equipment/property loss. This is accomplished through comprehensive employee safety training, hazard identification, and health monitoring programs. The City has two committees, the Safety Committee and the Wellness Committee, which are comprised of City staff and aid in developing programs to increase safety and wellness for City employees.

Risk Management staff keep informed of the latest state and federal safety regulations to ensure the safe working conditions for our employees.

Workers' Compensation

The City is self insured for its workers’ compensation program and has staff dedicated to managing claims and mitigating claims frequency. For more information, call the Risk Management Division at (310) 253-5680.

TULIP – Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program

Event holders should fill out the online event insurance application.