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The City of Culver City is hosting an exciting Speaker Series on critical issues affecting Culver City, the region, and beyond. The City’s General Plan Update will set a vision, goals, and policies around these topics. Attending the series of events offers an opportunity to learn about, reflect on, and discuss these issues leading up to, and during, the update. Topics include mobility, urban design, social equity, housing affordability, emergency preparedness, dynamic parking pricing, healthy communities, and much more to come. The entire community is invited to join in the discussion!

You can find details below about each event as they become available, including links to RSVP to upcoming events. Following each event, staff will post an event summary and a link to a video of the event. Please contact Advance Planning staff at advance.planning@culvercity.org or call 310-253-5740 with any questions.

Upcoming Events

Culver City Speaker Series 2019 Save the Date! 6:00 PM 12.11.19 Healthy Communities Gayle Haberman, Tom Kelly, Louise McCarthy, Stephanie Ramirez

Please join us on Wednesday, December 11, to hear Gayle Haberman, Tom Kelly, Louise McCarthy, and Stephanie Ramirez present on ‘Healthy Communities.’ Each speaker works with various populations including seniors, people with disabilities, and residents in low-income communities, and will discuss opportunities to design infrastructure and services to support healthy communities. Join us on December 11 to learn what Culver City can do to become a healthier place to live for all.

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Past Events

Date EVENT Summary Video
 11/21/19  Discriminatory Land Use Policies with Rothstein, Kent, and Hernández  Summary of 'Discriminatory Land Use Policies'  Video of 'Discriminatory Land Use Policies'
 10/12/19  New Mobility with Dan Sturges  New Mobility Summary  Video_New Mobility with Dan Sturges
 9/11/19 Broadband: Strategies & Opportunities with Joanne Hovis  Broadband: Strategies & Opportunities Summary  Video_Broadband: Strategies & Opportunities_9.11.19
 7/17/19  Innovation in Urban Design with Gerhard Mayer, AIA, LEED AP  Summary_Innovation in urban design_7.17.19  Video_Innovation in urban design_7.17.19
 6/19/19  Housing Affordability with Randy Shaw  Summary_Housing affordability_6.19.19  Video_Housing affordability_6.19.19
 5/7/19  Emergency Preparedness with Fire Chief White and staff   Summary_Emergency preparedness_5.7.19  Video_Emergency preparedness_5.7.19
 4/25/19  Dynamic Parking Pricing with Dr. Donald Shoup  Summary_Dynamic parking pricing_4.25.19  Video_Dynamic parking pricing_4.25.19
 12/5/18  Design Shapes the City with Christopher Hawthorne  Summary_Design shapes the city_12.5.18  Video_Design shapes the city_12.5.18
 11/7/18  How We Move with Craig Hodgetts, FAIA  Summary_How we move_11.7.18  Video_How we move_11.7.18
 10/11/18  A City for Everyone with Dr. Manuel Pastor  Summary_A city for everyone_10.11.18  Video_A city for everyone_10.11.18
 9/5/18  We are the City with James Rojas  Summary_We are the city_9.5.18