Jamie Wallace

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Image of GPAC member Jamie WallaceWhat ties do you have to Culver City?

Resident since 1994. I have been involved in the school district and community issues constantly since moving here.

What experience or expertise do you have which qualifies you to serve on the GPAC?

I am the chair of the Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee for the school district. I have been involved with numerous campaigns for city council and attended many city council meetings and workshops.

What other resources (foreign language skill, participation in a local organization, practical skill, etc.) might you bring to enhance the quality of the General Plan process?

I speak some French, Spanish, and Japanese. I have been involved in the organization and development of the Culver City Backpacks for Kids Program and have some experience working with a group to make things move more smoothly.

What motivates you to participate in the General Plan process?

This is our home and will be for a long time to come. I am intrinsically involved in wanting Culver City to move more smoothly into the future and hope to help the process by updating the General Plan to more accurately meet the needs of Culver City now and into the future. I do not believe in micro-managing.

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