Jeanne Min

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Image of GPAC member Jeanne Min

What ties do you have to Culver City?

I have lived in Culver City for 10 years. My two children have been entirely raised in Culver City. They attended the preschool at CCUSD's Office of Child Development and now attend El Rincon Elementary school. I served on the School Site Council for two terms (4 years) and help out as a PTA volunteer whenever I am able.  I have been a member of the Fiesta La Ballona Committee for the last four years, and am serving my final year as the 2018 Chair of Culver City's Fiesta La Ballona. 

What experience or expertise do you have which qualifies you to serve on the GPAC? 

In my capacity as Chief of Staff to a local elected official of another city, I have enjoyed learning how that municipality was and is planned, managed and successfully operated--by way of policies, ordinances, and planning rules/guidelines. I have been involved in advising on citywide policy development, fiscal budget deliberations, parks/open space planning and construction, private development, and constituent services (quality of life issues). 

What other resources (foreign language skill, participation in a local organization, practical skill, etc.) might you bring to enhance the quality of the General Plan process?

As a member of the Fiesta La Ballona Committee and as a government employee, I am well aware of the public's right to transparency on decisions that impact the public, and the expectation of the highest attention to ethics by those who make those decisions on the public's behalf.  Understanding the Brown Act, practicing Robert's Rules of Order, and being cognizant of federal, state and local ethics laws are very important to my role on this body. In addition, listening to ideas and opinions--whether or not they are compatible to mine--will be extremely helpful to hearing the perspectives of a diverse community. 

What motivates you to participate in the General Plan process? 

Serving on the GPAC would allow me the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the city where I live. I look forward to taking from the lessons learned--valuable to difficult--in my professional career as well as the observations of my being a resident of Culver City to participate in productive discussions and understand the varied expectations of what the General Plan should be. I believe it should be a thoughtful document that touches upon the history of how this city came to be and to celebrate the rich diversity of our City's residents, businesses, schools, places of worship, recreation and other assets--all while being a compass that envisions and informs a Culver City that we will all be proud of. I am very honored and excited to be a part of this important endeavor in our City's history and future.

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