Paavo Monkkonen

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Image of GPAC member Paavo Monkkonnen

What ties do you have to Culver City?

I was born and raised in Culver City. I went to El Rincon, Culver Middle and Culver High. After living for many years away from LA, I moved back here when I got a teaching job at UCLA in 2012.

What experience or expertise do you have which qualifies you to serve on the GPAC? 

I am an Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy at UCLA. I have studied housing policies and how they shape cities in an international context for over a decade. I do a lot of work in Mexico but have studied California planning processes specifically.

What other resources (foreign language skill, participation in a local organization, practical skill, etc.) might you bring to enhance the quality of the General Plan process?

I am fluent in Spanish and have skills in data analysis related to cities. I am active at El Marino's Spanish language program (where my daughter goes to school) as well as with the undocumented student program at UCLA. 

 What motivates you to participate in the General Plan process? 

It is an exciting opportunity to shape Culver City's future! I would like Culver City to live up to the goals of so many of its residents by becoming a more inclusive place where more people from different backgrounds can find opportunities for themselves and their families.

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