Claudia Vizcarra

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Image of GPAC member Claudia VizcarraWhat ties do you have to Culver City?

I have lived in Culver City for 20 years. I have raised my two children here, bought 2 homes, rented 3 different homes and ran for office once. I have been active in political campaigns and have worked actively in community organizations and activities over my time here.

What experience or expertise do you have which qualifies you to serve on the GPAC? 

I have long been interested in what makes cities work, since I grew up in one of the largest cities in the world (Mexico City) and have been lucky to live in many parts of Los Angeles, the Bay Area as well as San Antonio, Texas. For many years, I was a popular economics facilitator, which helped me learn more about the economic policies that make our communities work better. I also worked in community development organizations, managing various economic development programs. And in 1999 I had the opportunity to work as Economic Development Deputy to Los Angeles City Councilmember Jackie Goldberg. As part of my responsibility I worked with the City’s Planning Department as we developed a Specific Plan for the neighborhoods surrounding the new transit stations in East Hollywood.

What other resources (foreign language skill, participation in a local organization, practical skill, etc.) might you bring to enhance the quality of the General Plan process?

I am a professional translator and interpreter (Spanish), I have been on the planning committee for the Culver City Community Coalition for 8 years and I am an active blogger/writer on issues relating to Culver City.

 What motivates you to participate in the General Plan process? 

I want to bring my experience, my perspective and my energy to this amazing process.

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