General Plan Advisory Committee

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The City of Culver City is about to update its General Plan. In spring/summer 2018, City Council established the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) to advise on the General Plan update (GPU). The GPAC has 21 members appointed by City Council and liaises with the City Council and other GPU advisory committees. Its primary roles are to (1) Support equitable and meaningful participation by the public in the General Plan update process, and (2) Provide a community perspective on policies and programs proposed for the updated General Plan.

The GPAC will:

  • Make recommendations to City Council on behalf of community members on issues and policies related to the GPU.
  • Provide insight to project consultants and staff on how to address controversial issues and understand sensitive community needs.
  • Review and provide comments on GPU work products.
  • Inform the community of the process and help to build community support for and engagement with the GPU process.
  • Play an active role in public workshops by facilitating and encouraging public participation.

 The GPAC will not:

  • Make decisions or take actions on the GPU, as it is an advisory body only.



Meeting Agenda and Minutes

It will be several months until the GPU project begins and the GPAC starts to hold meetings. Sign up to be notified of all things GPU on the project webpage!

Establishing the GPAC

Date  Description of Action Taken  Agendas  Minutes  Videos 
1/30/18 Council voted to have a 15-member GPAC, with each current Council Member appointing three members. (See item A-1) 1.30.18 Meeting Agenda 1.30.18 Meeting Minutes 1.30.18 Meeting Video
3/12/18 Council Members each appointed three GPAC members. (See item A-7) 3.12.18 Meeting Agenda 3.12.18 Meeting Minutes 3.12.18 Meeting Video
4/23/18 Council agreed that members may not serve on other City committees while serving on the GPAC; except for allowing Jeanne Min to complete the remainder of her term on the Fiesta La Ballona Committee ending on October 31, 2018. (See item A-1) 4.23.18 Meeting Agenda 4.23.18 Meeting Minutes 4.23.18 Meeting Video
5/29/18 Council agreed to agendize a discussion of whether to provide the opportunity for each of the two new Council Members to appoint three members to the GPAC. April 2018 elections resulted in two new Council Members filling seats of former Members whose terms ended. (See Member Requests to Agendize Future Items) 5.29.18 Agenda 5.29.18 Minutes 5.29.18 Video
6/4/18 Council agreed to provide the new Council Members with an opportunity to make appointments to the GPAC. (See item A-2) 6.4.18 Meeting Agenda 6.4.18 Meeting Minutes 6.4.18 Meeting Video
6/25/18 Council Members both appointed three additional GPAC Members, resulting in a 21-member GPAC. (See item A-5) 6.25.18 Agenda 6.25.18 Minutes 6.25.18 Video