2020 Performing Arts Grants Application

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Please upload the required supplementary materials, listed below.  Files must be uploaded one at a time.  Confirm that the files are in the appropriate format as indicated below.  Please name the files in accordance with the naming conventions shown under each item.

*Refer to pages 22-23 of the Application Form for instructions on Artistic Documentation and Supplementary Collateral Materials.

  1. Documentation of Tax-Exempt Status 501(c)(3) – PDF (.pdf) format

    File Name:  YourOrganizationName_501c3 

  2. Performance Venue – Letter of Intent – PDF (.pdf) Format

    File Name:  YourOrganizationName_venueletter

  3. DataArts Cultural Data Profile Funder Report – PDF (.pdf) format

    File Name:  YourOrganizationName _CDP

  4. Artistic Documentation - Video Files (preferred) and/or Photos

    File Name:  YourOrganizationName _ArtisticDoc1
    File Name:  YourOrganizationName _ArtisticDoc2

  5. Collateral Material (up to 4 allowed) – PDF  (.pdf) Format

    File Name:  YourOrganizationName _Collateral1
    File Name:  YourOrganizationName _Collateral2