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Willat StudioIn addition to the three major studios in Culver City, there were a number of small studios in town, like the Willat Studios, which made silent films. It was located just off Washington Boulevard in the area of Willat Street. That studio was relocated to Beverly Hills, where it has stood since the 1920s as a private residence. It is known as the "Witch's House" because of its distinctive gingerbread character and it almost was returned to Culver City for a historic museum. There were other small studios, like Essenay on Venice and Cattaraugus, with a Culver City mailing address, but just outside the city boundary. 

When Culver City adopted an official city seal in 1936, it read "The Heart of Screenland" to recognize the major industry at the time. A thorn in the side of local residents, however, was the lack of recognition in movie credits. Movies made in Culver City either read "Made in Hollywood", or no city designation. Eugene Donovan ran a contest in his "Citizen" newspaper in 1934 to rename the city. Entries included "Filmville" and "Cinema City", and the Chamber of Commerce later called for a drive to change the name to Hollywood. They actually adopted a slogan, "Culver City, Where Hollywood Movies are Made." Eventually, the Culver City and Hollywood Chambers of Commerce" buried the hatchet" in a ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 1937. And in 1991, Sony Pictures Studio chief Arnie Shupack announced to the Culver City Council that beginning with "Hook" and "Bugsy", which were released that December, movies made in town would read "Filmed in Culver City."