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On December 11, 2017, the City Council decided to join the Los Angeles Community Choice Energy Authority -- later renamed the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California (CPA).

The CPA is a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) organization currently made up of 29 cities and two counties in Southern California that will purchase electricity for sale to their communities. The Clean Power Alliance purchases cleaner, more renewable electricity and offers it to their customers at rates that are lower than Southern California Edison. The CPA also intends to develop energy programs to decrease greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the effects of climate change. This may include providing incentives and rebates for rooftop solar and battery storage systems, energy efficiency projects, and reduced charging rates for electric vehicles. 

The CPA will start offering electric service to customers in Culver City in early 2019. 60 days before prior, customers will receive two Notice Letters asking them if they want to remain with SCE or if they want to select one of the “tiers” available from the CPA. SCE customers who do not respond to the letters will automatically be enrolled as customers of the CPA at the 100% renewable power tier level.

Regardless of whether a customer switches from SCE to the CPA or which tier the CPA customer selects, SCE will continue to meter customers’ use of electricity, generate and mail invoices, and maintain the transmission & distribution infrastructure needed to provide electricity to CPA customers.

Currently, most customers are enrolled in SCE’s base tier, which offers 34% renewable power.  The CPA however, will offer a base tier of 36% renewable power at a cost that is 1-2% less than SCE. SCE also offers 50% and 100% renewable power tiers at an increased cost through their Green Tariff program. Here are the tiers the CPA will be offering their customers and how they compare to SCE:

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) Plan

Net Bill Discount Compared to SCE’s 34% base tier

36% Renewable

1-2% less cost

50% Renewable

0-1% less cost

100% Renewable

7-9% more cost for non-CARE customers*

*CPA offers parity with SCE rates for CARE customers.

Regardless if a customer chooses to enroll into the CPA or not, they have the ability to select a different renewable tier offered by the CPA or to return to SCE at any time.  If a customer is automatically enrolled into the CPA as a result of not responding to the two Notice Letters, they have 60 days to notify the CPA that they wish to switch back to SCE (or change the CPA tier selected on their behalf) at no charge.  After 60 days, there may be a small transaction fee to change providers.

For more information visit the Clean Power Alliance website.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Joe Susca, Senior Management Analyst at 310-253-5636 or via e-mail at

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