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Culver City Community Gardens
Culver City Community Gardens
Culver City Community Gardens
Culver City Community Gardens
; Culver City Community Gardens

New Community Garden Safety Measures

The Culver City Community Garden has stayed open to allow for food necessities. However, now the additional safety measures listed here and posted at the Community Garden are in place for gardeners.

  • Face coverings are required at all times
  • Bring gloves and/or sanitizing wipes to unlock/open the gate, to use the hose bibs and to clean all frequently touched common surfaces before and after use
  • Physical distancing of six (6) feet is required at all times
  • Only eight (8) participants allowed in the garden at one time and gardeners may not work on neighboring plots at the same time
  • Use hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and/or wash your hands before and after you go into the garden
  • Gloves are required while gardening, including while handling tools and equipment
  • Participants must remove all personal items and trash before leaving the garden 
  • Do not share tools and equipment

Community Garden General Information

The City of Culver City operates one community garden with 17 rental plots that is located at 10860 Culver Blvd, on the south side of Culver Boulevard between Coombs and Elenda Streets. The Culver City Community Gardens were established to provide a place for active participation in gardening for residents of Culver City who would otherwise not have the opportunity. The Gardens are managed by the Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS) Department.

The Culver City Community Gardens are governed by the Plot Rules, including a Waiver and Release of Liability; and a Rental Agreement.
To be eligible for a Gardens plot, you must:
1) be a Culver City resident;
2) live in an apartment, condominium, town home or other dwelling unit; and
3) have no gardening space available to you.
One (1) plot is allowed per family/household. Plots are non-transferable to family members, friends or others, regardless of the circumstances.

Trash pick-up days for the Community Gardens are:
Mondays – Green Waste
Wednesdays – Trash

Status of the Culver City Community Gardens:
Sorry, NO VACANCIES at this time.

Status of the Culver City Community Gardens Waiting List:

Staff contact:  Daniella Gutierrez Administrative Clerk Tel: (310) 253-6712

The information on this webpage is current and is kept up-to-date. Please check back periodically for any changes to the status of the Culver City Community Gardens. – Thank you.

Resources for Community Gardeners

The LA Food Policy CouncilThe LA Food Policy Council’s Urban Agriculture Working Group believes that urban agriculture is about far more than growing vegetables on an empty lot. It’s about revitalizing and transforming unused public spaces, connecting city residents with their neighborhoods in a new way and promoting healthier eating and living for everyone. The Working Group’s vision is to create a world-class local food system in Los Angeles that is affordable, equitable, and environmentally sustainable.

The Los Angeles Community Garden Council (LACGC) – The Los Angeles Community Garden Council’s mission is to strengthen communities by building new and supporting existing community gardens where every person in Los Angeles County can grow healthy food in their neighborhood.

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI) – The mission of Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI) is to stimulate community-driven neighborhood revitalization. LANI facilitates stakeholder participation and decision-making, and promotes public/private partnerships that result in catalytic community improvement projects. Organizations and/or individuals with a plan for developing new community gardens may contact LANI for assistance with finding available land for their project.

Compiled Articles on Urban Gardening

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