Pool Rules

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Pool rules are designed for the safety of everyone. The City of Culver City reserves the right to amend these rules for the safety of its participants. The City of Culver City also reserves the right to refuse service to any participant who violates any of these rules or direction from Aquatics Staff. Staff should direct any concerns or problems to the Pool Manager or Aquatic Coordinator immediately. 

General Facility Rules

  • All persons entering pool complex are required to pay the admission fee.
  • No person shall enter the pool without a lifeguard present.
  • A complete head and body shower must be taken before entering the pool.
  • Bathing suits must be hemmed; no cut-offs allowed.
  • Hanging on ropes or lane lines is not permitted.
  • Hanging and swinging on hand rails is not permitted.
  • Smoking, gum chewing, and spitting are not permitted.
  • Persons with open sores, cuts, or rashes are not permitted in pool complex; bandages are prohibited in pool.
  • Abusive and/or foul language are prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • Floatation devices (lifejackets, waterwings, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Possession of alcohol in pool complex is prohibited.
  • Individuals assumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be permitted into pool complex.
  • Emergency equipment is for emergency lifeguard use only. Only Lifeguards are permitted on lifeguard stands.
  • Private instruction is prohibited in the pool without a permit. 
  • No Running at any time.
  • Diving is only permitted from diving boards. (see "Diving Board Rules")
  • Food and drinks are prohibited in the pool.
  • Glass containers are not allowed in the facility.  
  • Horseplay (shoving, dunking, sitting on shoulders, etc.) is not permitted in pool or on deck.
  • No bicycles or skateboards allowed on pool deck.   
  • For your safety no prolonged breath holding is permitted. 
  • Children under 48 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older, the adult to child ratio must be 1 to 1.

Please visit Recreational Swimming & Diving, for the Diving Board Rules.


Culver City Municipal Plunge
4175 Overland Avenue, Culver City
Phone: (310) 253-6680