Adult Sports

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We offer three easy ways to register for classes:

  • Online through our online portal via the Active Network
  • In person by visiting our Registration Office at 4117 Overland Avenue where our staff can assist
  • Call (310) 253-6650 for more information.

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The hours of operation for the Registration Office are:

  • Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Saturday-Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Please note the office is closed on all City holidays.



Tennis for Adults at Veterans Park 

Tennis for Adults at Veterans Park

$60.00 (Resident) and $71.00 (Non-resident)

Group tennis instruction for the beginning to advanced student:

Tennis 1: Introduction of strokes, forehand/backhand rules, court positioning and terminology.

Tennis 1+: Had Tennis I. Development of control in fore-hand/backhand, service and volley. 

Tennis 2: Further improvement of strokes. Volleying skills developed. Introduction to elementary doubles strategy.

Instructor: Mike Lanahan-member of U.S. Pro Tennis Association; Former USTA Nat'l Jr. Coach; Coached 6 U.S. National Jr. Champs

Note: Participants must furnish racquet and 2 unopened can of USTA approved tennis balls.

Cardio Tennis 

$120.00 (Resident)
$131.00 (Non-resident)

Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity and is a great way to get in shape and enjoy the game of tennis. Cardio Tennis is offered for adults from beginning to advanced levels.

Instructor: Ted Salter- Certified Teaching Pro thru the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

Adult Private Tennis Lessons at Fox Hills Park

$50.00 (Resident)
$51.00 (Non-resident)

One 1-hour lesson.  Adult lessons can be scheduled with coach on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

Instructor: Ted Salter- Certified Teaching Pro thru the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

T'ai Chi Ch'uan 

T'ai Chi Ch'uan

$102.00 (Resident)
$113.00 (Non-resident)

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are forms of an ancient Chinese exercise. The movements help to develop and circulate the "Chi" or life force energy of the body for radiany health. This graceful and powerful exercise helps bring about balance, strength, focus, relief from stress, and a sense of well-being.  Offered Quarterly (12 Classes)


Notes: What to wear: Comfortable clothing, flat shoes but not sneakers. A non-sticky sole is best.

Instructor: Jennifer Hill 

Kanani's Golden Tiger Kung Fu (Fu Jow Pai, Tiger Claw System)

Golden Tiger Kung Fu

$155.00 (Resident)
$166.00 (Non-resident)

The Class entails real urban self defense for kids and adults. This style of kung Fu is based on the movements and demeanor of an attacking tiger and includes: Empty hand forms, weapon forms, empty hand against weapon. Standard curriculum unchanged since 1968 promotes fitness, weight control, cardio, stamina, strength, patience, discipline and stress reduction! Our certified ranking system is recognized worldwide.

Note: Must meet instructor approval. Class meets twice a week. Testing fees apply for all belt progressions. Uniform: Fu Jow Pai T-Shirt, Traditional Kung Fu Pants.


Instructor: Sifu Behnam Kanani, 4th Generation Instructor

ATHENA Self-Defense - Women 

$50.00 (Resident)
$61.00 (Non-resident)

Self-Defense techniques for Women and girls to help avoid and escape from attackers and bullies. Learn how to block, elbow, ground defense, kick, knee and punch. Escape arm-grabs, bearhugs, chokeholds, headlocks, hair grabs, and pinned on the ground. Build mental and physical confidence and strength. Protect yourself, family, and friends.

Instructor:Andy Pancho, Various Women Instructors 

Iaido- Way of the Japanese Sword 

Iaido Way of the Japanese Sword

Monthly- $50.00 (Resident); $61.00 (Non-resident)

Quarterly- $145.00 (Resident); $156.00 (Non-resident)

Iaido is the ancient Japanese art of drawing the sword and cutting in a single movement. Originally created for the physical and mental discipline of the Samurai warrior, today this martial art joins together various defensive and offensive sword movements, along with related weapons training, in order to develop a calm mind, better concentration, and physical coordination.

Notes: Must meet instructor approval. Testing fee apply for all belt progression. 

Instructor: Masakazu Tazaki 7th Degree Black Belt

Intro to Fencing 

$75.00 (Resident)

Fencing helps develop balance, agility, reflexes, and leg strength. Course is for fencers of all level. Students are grouped on their current level of fencing, as determined by the instructors. Instruction will begin with the foil and advanced students may also choose Epee or Saber. All equipment is supplied for beginners. 

Notes: Group instruction is done during the first hour and the remaining time is for drills and practice. USA Fencing Assoc. annual membership ($10) required (application form given at 1st meeting)Material Fee$20 material fee for equipment.

Instructor: Coaches from Salle D'Armes Couturier

Yoga from the Inside Out

Yoga from the Inside Out

6 Weeks- $84.00 (Resident) $95.00 (Non-resident)

Quarterly- $144 (Resident) $155 (Non-resident)

This all-levels class helps you improve physical strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility, as you relax and de-stress. Learn to deeply rest, be happier and more effective, by paying attention to the wisdom of your body and breath. Simple breathing practices foster improved concentration, a sense of calm, better sleep, and overall health.

Notes: Bring a yoga mat, yoga blanket or beach towel, and 2 yoga blocks to class.

Instructor: Tara Kamath

Rays of Yoga 

6 Weeks- $84.00 (Resident) $95.00 (Non-resident)

Quarterly- $144 (Resident) $155 (Non-resident)

This is a fun, gentle and energizing Yoga class that will leave you feeling relaxed, peaceful, focused and invigorated. You may be in good shape or even recovering from an injury, young or old, this yoga class can be a great way to meet your needs. Yoga poses are meant to be tailored to the individual depending on their strength and flexibility. This style of Yoga provides dynamic movements that stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Breath awareness & various directed breathing techniques are taught throughout the class. 

Notes: Please bring a yoga mat, block and strap to class. 
 Instructor: Denise Hughes has been teaching yoga for 22 years.  

Let's Get Fit- For Seniors (50+)

Monthly- $45.00 (Resident) $56.00 (Non-resident)

5 Classes- $35.00 (Resident) $46.00 (Non-resident)

Season Pass (only available in September)- $135.00 (Resident) $146 (Non-resident)

Let's get fit! is a dance exercise class that allows you to strength train and stretch your body with easy, unique movements. The each session is an hour long class, but if you would like to exercise longer, we offer an additional 20-25 minutes of class time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Join us now to do low-impact exercises with a friendly and fun class.

Notes: Wear walking shoes and comfortable cloth. Bring a pair of 1-3lbs hand held weights and bottled water. 

Instructor: Akiko Miyoshi