Street Maintenance

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For pothole repair please call 310-253-6420.  

Street paving is handled by the Public Works Engineering Division, 310-253-5600. 

If the sidewalk is damaged in such a way that it is causing a trip hazard, Public Works crews will make a priority to repair the damaged portion. If no immediate hazard exists, the portion of the sidewalk in question will be placed on a waiting list for future repair.

Residents should never repair their own sidewalk without having the City assess it first. Residents may repair the damaged sidewalk themselves, or hire a licensed contractor to perform the work. Proper permits will need to be obtained from the City and the completed work is subject to inspection by the City.

All City streets are rated on their present pavement condition. The Pavement Management Master Plan prioritizes each street based on the pavement conditions, the available budget, type of use, and the amount of daily traffic flow. Typically, main streets receive a higher priority for pavement resurfacing than residential streets.  Paving is handled by the Public Works Engineering Division, 310-253-5600.