• Fire extinguishers--does the fire department service them?
  • Smoke Alarms--how often should I change the batteries?
  • Carbon Monoxide--what is it and what do I need to do about it?
  • Fire alarm system--do I have to do anything to maintain or service it?
  • Home security system--can I connect my smoke detector so it dispatches the fire department?
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 If you have a medical or fire emergency dial 911




Community Risk Reduction

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prevention_historic jpgThe Community Risk Reduction Division is responsible for maintaining a reasonable level of protection of life and property from the hazards created by fire, explosion, and hazardous materials. This is accomplished by conducting field inspections to ensure California Fire Code (as amended by the Culver City Municipal Code Chapter 9.02) compliance at businesses, apartment buildings, schools, and public assemblies.  In addition, the Division inspects all businesses that use or store hazardous materials, conducts plan reviews and inspections of new construction, tenant improvements, and automatic fire protection systems. The Community Risk Reduction Division also issues business regulatory permits designed to reduce hazardous conditions and conducts fire origin and cause investigations to determine the cause of a fire.