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About the Reserve Firefighter Program

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What is the Schedule?

Reserve Firefighters will be expected to commit to one year of service. The schedule for this program is one 24 hour shift per week. Each Reserve Firefighter will be assigned the same day each week. The option of making trades to cover a shift will be available.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age & high school diploma or GED
  • Valid CA Driver’s license
  • Graduate of a California State Certified Fire Academy or a Firefighter 1 Certificate
  • Valid Biddle or CPAT at time you apply
  • EMT card valid in LA County
  • Adhere to the Department's Uniform and Grooming Standards (Rules and Regulations 205.28

Duties & Responsibilities

In addition to responding to emergencies, Reserve Firefighters also do the following:

  • perform daily station maintenance,
  • maintain apparatus and equipment,
  • assist with community education programs,
  • assist with business inspections,
  • conduct regular training,
  • assist the Community Risk Reduction Division,
  • maintain physical fitness, and
  • perform other related duties.

Selection Process

The selection process will consist of an application review and an oral interview. If selected to participate in the training program, you will be required to pass a background check. Selected members will be expected to obtain required vaccinations and supply their own uniforms.

The Reserve Firefighter program is a part time training program designed to provide men and women who wish to pursue a career in the fire service with valuable on the job training and experience. Reserves will have the chance to apply their acquired skills and knowledge while gaining insight into what it takes to become a career firefighter. The role of the Reserve Firefighter is to assist the Fire Department, under the direct supervision of a Captain, in a variety of emergencies including: Structure fires, Medical Emergencies, Traffic Collisions, Floods, Rescues, Fire Alarms, as well as a variety of other types of emergencies. The Reserve Firefighter will also participate in non-emergency calls, such as public education and public relations.

How to Apply