General Plan

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The below elements comprise the City of Culver City's existing General Plan. The City is gearing up to launch a comprehensive update to its General Plan. Find out more!

General Plan Overview
Provides for the physical, social, and economic needs of the City and its people.

Land Use Element
Designates general distribution, intensity and development policies regarding residential, commercial, industrial, open space, and institutional uses in the city.

Circulation Element
Identifies transportation systems and facilities in accordance with the land use element.

Housing Element

Identifies and prioritizes the housing needs of the city and outlines the goals, policies, and programs to address those needs.

Open Space Element
Supports natural habitats, agricultural production, outdoor recreation and environmental health uses by protection, enhancement, and expansion.

Noise Element
Identifies noise sensitive land uses and noise sources, and defines areas of noise impacts to minimize the exposure of the community to excess noises.

Conservation Element
Identifies ways to conserve and use natural resources including water and its hydraulic force, forests, soils, rivers, and other waters, harbors, fisheries, wildlife, minerals, and other natural resources.

Seismic Element
Identifies and appraises seismic hazards such as susceptibility to surface ruptures from faulting, ground shaking, ground failures, and/or the effects of seismically induces waves such as tsunamis and seiches.

Public Safety Element
Identifies and defines programs to protect the community from fire and geologic hazards.

Recreation Element
Describes the future relationship between people in the community and their needs for park and recreation areas, facilities, and programs.