Telecommunications Utility Permit

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To obtain a Utility Permit for placement of telecommunications cable in the Culver City public right-of-way, please submit the following documents at the 2nd Floor Engineering counter at Culver City, City Hall for review to start the process (applications are not accepted by email); 

  1. Three (3) hard copies of stamped detailed engineering plans and Traffic Control Plans if necessary.
  2. Right of Way Questionnaire (applicant to complete). Make sure your environmental clearances are in order.
  3. Engineer’s Estimate for street reconstruction and traffic control portion of the work only; and
  4. System Exhibit, on 8 ½” x 11” in black and white, shall include, but not limited to,
    1. Title block with project name, applicant name and address;
    2. North Arrow;
    3. Street names;
    4. Conduit alignment, location of proposed vaults and/or manholes, above ground cabinets, utility poles, etc.; and
    5. Table of the “Bill of Materials” which provides a description (i.e. conduit, conduit material, pull box, vaults, etc.) and quantities of the material (linear feet, each, etc.).
    6. Start and end points of conduit and/or aerial fiber runs with distances from nearest cross street.

    Example System Exhibits

Projects will be rejected that violate the City’s street cut moratorium. The City of Culver City (City) places a street cut moratorium on any street that has been paved, constructed or reconstructed or received a surface treatment such as a slurry seal within the last 5 years.  On a newly paved, constructed, reconstructed or surface treated street, the pavement surface shall not be cut or opened for a period of five years after the street is paved, constructed, or reconstructed.