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All individuals, corporations, firms, syndicates, joint stock corporations, partnerships, trusts, associations, organizations, clubs, and societies which offer goods, materials, commodities, wares, merchandise or services for sale to the public in Culver City and all professions, crafts, trades, occupations and callings of every kind and nature which are carried on for profit in Culver City are required to obtain a business tax certificate within 30 days of starting business.

A business tax certificate is required whether the business actually makes a profit or not. Independent contractors must obtain a business tax certificate. Non-profit organizations are required to obtain a business tax certificate, but are exempted from paying business tax on those activities for which they have I.R.S. proof of tax exemption. 

To submit your applications or if you have any questions, please contact the City of Culver City Business Support Center (HdL) by the following ways:

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