Filming in Culver City

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A film permit is required for filming or taping any commercial motion picture, television program, advertisement, music video, public service announcement, some commercial web-based productions, or similar production outside of an approved studio, and for certain commercial still photography. Filming activity also includes the setup and dismantling of all equipment. The film permit request process begins with submitting an application to Film LA, Culver City's contracted film coordinator for City-wide location shooting. 

Film LA:
Phone: 213-977-8600


A separate rental permit is required to film or photograph at any Culver City park facility, including the use of any parking lot at any park for base camp, catering, etc. Please see below for contact information for the Culver City parks, Recreation and Community Services Department.

Filming at a park:
Recreation Divisionfilming1 jpg.ashx
Phone: 310-253-6678

Please visit our parks information page to review all Culver City park sites.

Filming at the pool:
Municipal Plunge Office
Phone: 310-253-6684
Please visit our pool information page for more details on filming at the pool.

Filming at the Veterans Memorial Complex:
VMC Rental Office
Phone: 310-253-6625