Recycling & Trash Services for Businesses

All commercial properties are required to have garbage, recycling and organics* service which is provided by the City of Culver City's Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations (EPO) Division. Contact the Environmental Programs and Operations Division to start service, schedule a cart exchange or to discuss billing options and more. 

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*Businesses are required to have containers and service of sufficient number, size and frequency for all trash, recycling and organic materials generated. Learn more about the State recycling requirements and State organics collection requirements.




Collected organics will be turned into nutrient rich soil called compost. Under State Assembly Bill 1826, any business or institution with 2 cubic yards or more per week of garbage service shall subscribe to organics collection.

To order a container call the Environmental Programs and Operations Division at (310) 253-6400

What goes in the ORGANICS container?

Food Scraps & Food Soiled Paper

  • Raw or cooked food scraps,
  • Meats, seafood636698349459000000.jpeg
  • Dairy products
  • Breads, grains, pastas
  • Fruit
  • Bones, shells
  • Pizza boxes
  • Napkins/paper towels
  • Paper-based to-go containers Veggies

Yard Trimmings

  • Brush
  • Flower cuttings
  • Flowers
  • Lawn clippings
  • Leaves
  • Shrubbery
  • Tree twigs (4 feet or less in length and 6 inches in diameter)
  • Weeds
  • Wood chips

Organics Brown Bin


Organics Brown Bin


  1. Separate Organic Materials – No glass, plastic, metal or trash in organics container.
  2. Collect in Your Interior Containers – Line containers with clear plastic bags, paper bags, BPI certified compostable bags or use no bag at all.
  3. Empty into Organics Bin for Pickup – Monitor to ensure only organics are included. Do not put recyclables or trash such as rubber gloves, conventional plastic bags, etc. into the organics container.
  4. Train your employees on how best practices.



What goes in the BLUE recycle bin?

Empty Glass, Aluminum & Metal, Plastics (1-5), Beverage & Soup Boxes, Clean Paper & Cardboard.

showimage (9).jpegshowimage.jpeg       


Break down and fold cardboard boxes to smaller than 3’ x 3’ and set them behind or against bin.

Have more questions about What Goes Where, ask Recycle Coach. 



What goes in the BLACK trash bin?

Non-Recyclable & Non-Hazardous Materials: broken plates, broken glass, polystyrene, foam, plastic bags, diapers, pet poop, kitty litter, incandescent light bulbs, toothpaste tubes, broken pottery, disposable razors, disposable ice-packs.

Food and food-soiled paper should be placed in the organics container if available. 

showimage (2).jpeg


Get Free Technical Assistance

Contact the Environmental Programs and Operations customer service at (310)253-6400 to assess your businesses collection service needs (trash, recycling and organics collection) or the placement of collection containers for optimum participation.   

Service Rates

Check the Service Rates(PDF, 629KB) to see what fees apply. 


Certified Sustainable Business Program 

Become a Certified Sustainable Business in Culver City! The City is now accepting registrations for the Sustainable Business Certification Program.

  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Eligible businesses will receive a FREE assessment.
  • Qualifying businesses will receive certification at no charge.

Polystyrene Ban

On May 8, 2017(PDF, 158KB) the City Council adopted an ordinance(PDF, 3MB) that bans the sale and use of certain polystyrene products effective November 2017.  This webpage is dedicated to providing information about the ban, informing the Culver City community on how to identify polystyrene products, providing a list of suitable alternatives, and where to purchase them.  

To whom does the ban apply? 

Prepared Food Providers and City Facilities:ShowImage (10).jpeg

  • Prohibited:  Use of polystyrene food ware at all City facilities, including members of the public who rent City facilities for their private use. 
  • Prohibited:  Use of polystyrene food ware at all City special events that are open to the public to attend, regardless if they are privately produced or City-sponsored. 
  • Prohibited:  Use of polystyrene food ware by all prepared food service providers including restaurants, grocery stores, deli’s, retailers, hotels/motels with restaurants, caterers, food trucks, convenience stores and farmers’ markets.


  • Prohibited: The sale of foam polystyrene single-use food ware containers, cups, bowls and plates.
  • Not prohibited: The sale of solid polystyrene single-use food ware containers, cups, cup lids, bowls, plates, cutlery, and straws.
  • Prohibited: The sale of polystyrene foam coolers not encased in another material.