Leaf Blower Restrictions

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  • Effective November 24, 2022, all leaf blowers operating within Culver City must not exceed 65 decibels. Inspections of equipment will be required and equipment which does not meet this standard will be prohibited from use. Operators failing to adhere to the new standards are subject to citations with fines.
  • Operation of leaf blowers within the City of Culver City shall be permitted only between:

8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday through Friday
10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

  • Operators shall consider the impact of machine noise on the nearby inhabitants when using the machines in or adjacent to residential neighborhoods.
  • No leaf blower shall be operated without a proper muffler. No more than one leaf blower at a time shall be used at any residence. 
  • Before beginning a job, operators of leaf blowers shall check the wind direction and limit operation to avoid blowing debris into open doors and windows of nearby residences.
  • Before beginning a job, operators of leaf blowers shall sprinkle water over the area where the leaf blower shall be used and, if necessary, to minimize dust, shall use a mist attachment with the leaf blower.
  • Operators shall rake, pick up and dispose of large waste matter prior to using the leaf blower, and shall use a broom when blowing debris off sidewalks or other paved areas. Any debris blown into the street or onto neighboring premises shall be picked up and disposed of properly.


A no-fee application to obtain a Special Permit to Operate a Leaf Blower for commercial use can be obtained from the Code Enforcement Division

When applying for the Special Permit to Operate a Leaf Blower, the gardener must verify that the leaf blower they will use does not exceed 65 decibels.

Such permits are included as part of the annual business license renewal package for gardeners, landscape firms, property management companies and other businesses that utilize leaf blowers.


Leaf Blower Ordinance Enforcement Updates

The leaf blower decibel limits outlined in CCMC § 9.04.015(I) went into effect November 23, 2022.

Between December 1, 2022 and September 19, 2023, Enforcement Services received a total of 939 complaints of all types. Out of the 939 complaints, 201 were noise related complaints. Of the 201 noise related complaints, 113 were for leaf blowers. Approximately 90 of those 113 leaf blower complaints were from one individual community member.

In response to leaf blower complaints, Code Enforcement enters a Code Enforcement request and sends a letter to the property owner advising of the regulations and asking them to notify their gardener of the issue. We include a flyer for their information in English and Spanish.

When the Code Officers are in the field, they carry the educational fliers with them to educate any gardeners they happen to come across. It is difficult to find the gardeners at the property after complaints come in, as gardeners typically only spend about 15 minutes operating the leaf blower. When responding to a complaint, the Officers will drive by the reported addresses to see if they can find the gardeners working while they are out. Officers also keep watch for gardeners in potential violation while they are out on other investigations. When gardeners are encountered, Code Officers verify that they have the required Culver City Business License and Special Permit to Operate a Leaf Blower, which requires that a gardener verify that the leaf blower they will use does not exceed 65 decibels.

Culver City Regulations

Culver City Municipal Code Section 9.04.015.I 

I. Use of leaf blowers. The commercial use or operation of any leaf blower or other portable machine powered with an internal combustion engine used to blow leaves, dirt, and other debris off sidewalks, driveways, lawns and other surfaces, without first having obtained a leaf blower operator’s permit issued by the City pursuant to this Section. A leaf blower operator’s permit shall not be required for an individual operating a leaf blower for private use and not as part of a commercial business. 

1. Each applicant for a leaf blower operator’s permit shall be required to demonstrate conformance with the City’s guidelines for leaf blower usage as set forth in the permit application and provide evidence of a current business tax certificate. 

2. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a leaf blower or other machine described in this Section within the City of Culver City, except between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. 

3. It shall be unlawful for any person to operate, within the City of Culver City, a leaf blower with a sound level exceeding 65 decibels.

4. Upon request by the City, any person operating a leaf blower must allow the City’s inspection of the leaf blower to verify compliance with this Section, and must present to the City, upon request, documentation from the manufacturer evidencing the leaf blower’s decibel level. 

5. The City may revoke a permit issued pursuant to this Section as a result of any violation of Subsection I.2, I.3 or I.5. 

6. An applicant for a leaf blower operator’s permit who has had a permit revoked, or been convicted of or pled guilty or no contest to a criminal charge alleging a violation of this Section, within the prior six (6) months shall not be issued a permit. 

7. Subsections I.3, I.4 and I.5 shall become effective on November 23, 2022. (Ord. No. 2013-009, § 4 (part); Ord. No. 2017-015, § 1)  

Key Dates

State of California Regulations

The State of California has banned the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers and string trimmers (weed whackers) starting July 1, 2024. California has also established emissions reductions standards for existing gas-powered leaf blowers as of July 1, 2022.

View AB 1346(1) banning the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers and other lawn and garden equipment.

Learn more about small off-road engines (SORE), which include gas-powered leaf blowers, at the California Air Resources Board website.

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Rebates and Incentives

Get Help Converting to Electric Lawn and Gardening Equipment

View Culver City Flyer regarding Zero-Emission Landscaping Equipment Incentive Programs(PDF, 103KB)

The South Coast Air Quality Management District offers a Commercial Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Incentive & Exchange Program for commercial landscapers and gardeners operating within the South Coast Air Quality Management District's region (including Culver City).

The program provides a subsidy of between 50% to 85% for commercial lawn and garden equipment. This program is also open to local governments, school districts, colleges, and non-profits. Commercial lawn and garden equipment will be made available at a discounted price through pre-authorized dealerships. Equipment available through this program includes handheld trimmers, chainsaws, pruners, backpack, and handheld blowers and ride-on, stand-on, walk-behind and robotic lawn mowers. An equivalent operable gasoline or diesel-powered piece of lawn or garden equipment must be scrapped when the new battery-electric equipment is purchased. 

Learn more about and apply for the South Coast Air Quality Management District Commercial Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Incentive & Exchange Program.

Learn more about the South Coast Air Quality Management District.