2024 Camps

Summer Camp registration will begin March 4 , 2024 for residents and for non-residents on March 11, 2024.

Our 2024 Summer Camps information is now available.

Summer Camp Brochure 2024


How to Register

Step 1.Go to ActiveNet 

Use our Online Registration Portal.

Step 2.Find the Camp that Interests you

We have multiple camps planned for all ages and interests.  They include camps offered by the PRCS Department (Just4Kids), The skateside, YSE, dee-Lightful Productions and other organizations. 

Step 3.Review Your Cart to Confirm you Have Added Each Camp you want 

Double check that you have chosen the correct weeks also.  

Step 4.Login or Create your Account with ActiveNet

Step 5.Checkout and Pay

Culver City's Just4Kids & Teen Experience Camps

Camp Rules

Code of Behavior

Please remember City operated programs are designed as a large group interaction experience.

  • No cussing, foul language or mean remarks. This includes obscene gestures. Clothing with inappropriate language or expressions may not be worn.
  • Stay with the group at all times. If you can’t see a staff person then they can’t see you.
  • No Bullying or hazing.
  • Clean up after yourself. The janitorial staff does not clean our space.
  • No defacing or damaging property (either public or someone else’s).
  • Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t touch things (or people) you don’t have permission to touch.
  • Don’t disrupt the program. If staff needs to take time away from the program to have a special talk with you, it’s taking time from everyone else.
  • No weapons of any kind are permitted. 


No Tolerance Policy

Bullying, rough housing, fighting, biting, not keeping their hands to themselves, spitting, choking, scratching or destruction of City equipment; these actions warrant immediate action up to suspension.


Our staff is trained to work in the childcare field. Through proper redirection, children should be able to distinguish for themselves the difference between right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.  In an effort to preserve a safe environment for all participants and staff, misconduct will be addressed as follows:

  1. First Offense – Verbal warning by staff
  2. Second Offense – Supervised break away from the group
  3. Third Offense – Parent notified for conference with the Recreation Coordinator or Supervisor

Any subsequent offenses can lead to suspension from the program at the Recreation Supervisor's discretion. The decision will be based upon the Recreation Coordinator’s appraisal of the participant’s behavior as well as the parent’s involvement in aiding the participant to overcome behavioral problems. 

If issues, continue the participant may not be allowed to continue the program. No refund will be given.

Personal Property

Our staff does not assume responsibility for the personal property of any participant.  For the protection of your child’s personal property, if you allow your child to bring anything of value to the program, please mark the item with your child’s name. Items left out carelessly, not put safely away or shown to other participants will have a greater tendency to disappear. Any child caught stealing will be dealt with by an immediate conference with parents and the Site Senior Recreation Leader to determine appropriate discipline.


Do you prorate?

We only prorate for federal holidays that fall within the week camp is offered.

If I register for one week, can I put down deposits for future weeks?

No, all weeks must be paid in full.

How much outdoor activity will campers have?

Staff schedules activities to be outside 70% of the time.  This may vary depending on the weather.

Why is the Teen Center parking lot closed?

For safety of our campers. The area is used for various activities.  

Are siblings separated because of age?

No, siblings and members of the same household must register in the same pocket camp regardless of age.

Will camp have the same counselors as previous years?

There will be many familiar faces, but there will also be a few new counselors. 

If the COVID-19 numbers start rising will you cancel camp?

This is out of our control. If based on Los Angeles County Public Health Department regulations it is recommended to close, we will close. If that happens participants will receive refunds on a prorated basis depending on the days they attended camp.

How long after camps ends are Lost & Found items kept?

Lost & Found items are kept for two weeks after camp ends. The unclaimed items are then donated to the Salvation Army.  

What if my child needs extra support?

The Culver City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department believes in providing quality programs for all community members.  While each program site and amenities are slightly different in nature, PRCS staff-run programs strive to maintain a 1:12 child to staff ratio.  Our day camp and afterschool programs are designed to balance the needs of each child with the needs of all campers.  If you believe your child may need additional assistance, reasonable accommodations can be made with prior arrangements. Please contact the PRCS Department to speak with the Recreation and Community Services Supervisor or Manager.