Ballona Creek

Photo Duquesne Mural

Ballona Creek is an 8.8 mile watershed which flows through Culver City before emptying into the Santa Monica Bay.   The original creek was turned into a large channel by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1930's.

Bike Path

Ballona Creek Bike Path.jpg

The Ballona Creek bike path goes from Culver City to Marina Del Rey and connects to the Marvin Braude costal bike path which goes from the Pacific Palisades in the north to the City of Torrance in the south.

Ballona Creek Murals

The Ballona Creek Murals can be found along the walls of the creek at two different locations.  Postcards from Ballona was a joint collaboration between artists Francois Bardol, Lucy Blake-Elahi, and Lori Escalera, together with Culver City Middle School students.  Rivers of the World was a joint collaboration between artists Lori Escalera (lead artist), Lucy Blake-Elahi, and David Farrington, together with various members of Ballona Creek Renaissance and students from Culver Park High School.

In November 2019, the City's Public Works and Environmental Programs and Operations Division teamed up with local artist Lindsay Carron and students from Culver City’s Audio, Visual & Performing Arts (AVPA) High School to develop ground murals along the Ballona Creek bike path entrances. The murals raise awareness about the impacts of stormwater on our environment and highlight the historical significance of Ballona Creek and its connection to the Pacific Ocean.


Overland East Mural Photo

Photo Overland East Mural

Mural on Duquesne

Photo Duquesne Mural

Sepulveda East Mural Photo

Photo Sepulveda Mural

Annual Ballona Creek Cleanup

Photo Ballona Creek Cleanup.jpg

Each September, the Culver City Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations and the local community participate in the Annual Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) on the Ballona Creek bike path. For more information visit the Ballona Creek Cleanup Page.

How to Sponsor Your Own Creek Cleanup

The program is currently in development. 

The goal of Adopt A Creek is to enable local residents, businesses and community groups to adopt and commit to keeping the creek, as well as the ocean waters it flows into, clean. It will also be an avenue to allow our community to understand the importance of our creek to the overall coastal environment while creating an educational process for future generations. In addition to providing an educational program for our city, this program would assist in the ongoing removal of debris collected in the creek.

Culver City Adopt A Creek Educational Video

This educational video shows how Ballona Creek drains virtually all of west Los Angeles and as a result trash may find its way polluting local waterways and the ocean. Video shows efforts from the local community and provide information for residents on how to be part of the solution to keep our waterways free of litter and pollutants.

Ballona Creek Revitalization

Ballona Creek Revitalization Project Logo.png

 The Ballona Creek Revitalization Project aims to enhance the restoration and use of Ballona Creek and make it a more sustainable, walkable, bikeable and connected recreational attraction.