Development-Related City Documents

Advance Planning Division staff compiled the following list of City of Culver City documents related to development for the General Plan Update (GPU). This list is not comprehensive but represents important milestone and key documents related to Culver City's development.

Date, *Amended Document Source
1965, *2018 Municipal Code City of Culver City
1968 General Plan - Recreation Element(PDF, 1MB) CDD
1973 General Plan - Conservation Element(PDF, 344KB) CDD
1974 Design and Physical Development Plan of Culver City, California, Volume 1(PDF, 19MB) CDD
1974 Design and Physical Development Plan of Culver City, California, Volume 2(PDF, 6MB) CDD
1974 General Plan - Seismic Safety Element(PDF, 1MB) CDD
1975 General Plan - Public Safety Element(PDF, 1MB) CDD
1991 Downtown Charrette(PDF, 5MB) Former RDA
Design for Development - Downtown(PDF, 2MB) Former RDA
1992, *1996 Design for Development - East Washington Blvd. Commercial Revitalization Area(PDF, 17MB) Former RDA
1995 General Plan - Overview(PDF, 762KB) CDD
1995 General Plan - Noise Element(PDF, 2MB) CDD
1995 General Plan - Open Space Element(PDF, 2MB) CDD
2001 West Washington Boulevard Revitalization Action Plan(PDF, 2MB) Former RDA
2003, *2013 Community Cultural Plan(PDF, 2MB) CAC, CDD, & PRCS
2004 Ballona Creek and Trail Focused Special Study(PDF, 39MB) CDD, PRCS & PWD
2004 General Plan - Circulation Element(PDF, 3MB) CDD
2004 General Plan - Land Use Element(PDF, 8MB) CDD
2006 Design for Development - Jefferson Blvd Industrial Area(PDF, 1MB) Former RDA
2007 Sustainable Design Assessment Team Report(PDF, 2MB) AIA-Communities By Design
2008 Comprehensive Housing Strategy(PDF, 2MB) CDD
2009 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update(PDF, 14MB) PRCS
2010 Multi-Family Neighborhood Residential Guidelines - Gateway Neighborhood(PDF, 5MB) CDD
2011 Multi-Family Neighborhood Residential Guidelines - Gateway Adjacent Neighborhood(PDF, 8MB) CDD
2014 Community Risk Assessment & Standards of Cover(PDF, 7MB) CCFD
2014 2013-2021 General Plan - Housing Element(PDF, 4MB) CDD
2015 Ballona Creek Enhanced Watershed Management Program(PDF, 29MB) Ballona Creek WMG
2015 Water Conservation Plan for FY15/16(PDF, 388KB) PRCS & PWD
2016 Urban Forest Master Plan(PDF, 49MB) CDD, PRCS & PWD
2016 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan(PDF, 25MB) PWD
2016 Municipal Financial Benchmarking Study(PDF, 3MB) FAC
2016 Legislative and Policy Platform(PDF, 288KB) City Council & CMO
2016 Residential Parkway Guidelines(PDF, 16MB) PRCS & PWD
2016 Countywide Comprehensive Park & Recreation Needs Assessment - Culver City(PDF, 7MB) County of Los Angeles
2016 CCPD Strategic Plan FY 2016-2019 CCPD
2016 Vision Zero Resolution No. 2016-R082(PDF, 577KB) City Council
2016 Energy Action Plan(PDF, 559KB) PWD
2016 Washington National TOD District Streetscape Plan(PDF, 3MB) CDD
2017 The Creative Economy of Culver City CAC, CDD & PRCS
2017 Municipal Bus Lines Equipment Maintenance Plan(PDF, 837KB) TD
2017 Culver City Community Profile(PDF, 4MB) EDD
2017 TOD Visioning Study & Recommendations(PDF, 39MB) CDD
2017 TOD Visioning Study & Recommendations Appendices(PDF, 58MB) CDD
2017 ADU Ordinance(PDF, 169KB) City Council
2017 Culver Crest: Recommendations for R-1 Neighborhood Hillside Development Standards(PDF, 11MB) CDD
2018 2018 Culver City Sustainability Report(PDF, 21MB) CDD, PWD, & TD
2019 CCFD Strategic Plan, 2019-2024(PDF, 2MB) CCFD
In progress
General Plan Update CDD
2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan(PDF, 32MB)
Transportation Study Criteria and Guidelines
2020 Short Range Transit Plan


2022  2021-2029 Housing Element(PDF, 3MB) and Appendices(PDF, 31MB)  CDD


 Accessory Dwelling Unit
AIA  American Institute of Architects
 Business Improvement District
 Cultural Affairs Commission
 City Attorney's Office
 Culver City Fire Department
CCPD  Culver City Police Department
CDD  Community Development Department
CMO  City Manager's Office
 Economic Development Division
 Finance Advisory Committee
 Fiscal Year
 Historic Preservation Advisory Committee
 Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department
 Public Works Department
 Redevelopment Agency
TD  Transportation Department
TOD  Transit Oriented District