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Request to Speak at a Meeting

Click on the meeting link below on which you would like to make a verbal public comment.
Requests to speak regarding Closed Session Items must be submitted prior to the start of closed session. 


How to Attend Meetings

Meetings for all commissions, boards and committees may be attended remotely by members of the public via Webex, in addition to attending in person.

Attend In-Person:  Indoor masking is highly recommended, but not required, at City Council, Commission, Board and Committee meetings.

Attend Remotely: New way to attend - no registration needed! Just click on the meeting date and you will be joined when the meeting begins. When you join the Webex meeting you have a choice of how to receive the audio. The best way is to select the “call me” option and enter your phone number. As a reminder, chat function allows you to send a message to the meeting host only.

View-Only Remotely - Meetings of the City Council, Civil Service Commission, Cultural Affairs Commission, Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission, and Planning Commission may be viewed live online by clicking on the “In Progress” meeting or on the Culver City YouTube channel

How to Request to Speak at Meetings

There are two ways in which to speak on an agenda item during the meeting: Live in-person or remotely via Webex.

Advance Request to Speak

Those interested in providing a public comments are strongly encouraged to request to speak as soon after the agenda is posted, to ensure inclusion on the speaker list.

Select the appropriate Meeting Date in the "Request to Speak at a Meeting" section, indicate how you will attend (in-person or virtually) and specify the agenda item(s) on which you wish to speak by selecting the agenda item number (for example A-1, PH-2, C-3.) At the start of each agenda item, staff will read the names of those who have requested to speak in advance on an agenda item.

After the Start of the Meeting

Those attending in-person shall register in the Mike Balkman Council Chambers when they arrive, via a virtual speaker card by clicking the QR CODE or on a signup sheet. Those attending virtually shall send a "chat" to the host to request to speak. 

Speakers will be called in chronological order, based on when they registered to speak. At the start of each agenda item, staff will read aloud the names of those who have requested to speak on an agenda item. Requests to speak that are received after the start of the public comment period for that agenda item will not be considered until the end of the meeting. 

No Internet? How to Call in to Speak

If you have no way to join via internet, you may join the meeting by calling on your phone. 

For this option, you will need to contact the City Clerk’s Office and provide your name, phone number and the Agenda Item about which you wish to speak so that we can find you and allow you to talk.

This option does not allow for you to view the meeting. You may City Council and commission meetings via cable or online) but please remember to mute the tv or computer so that there is no echo when you speak.

Time Limits on Live Public Comment

  • In the interest of allowing enough time to cover the business on the agenda, please be advised the Mayor has the discretion to determine how many minutes each speaker may address the City Council, up to three minutes, as well as how long public comment will be received for each agenda item.
  • Persons who are present in the meeting may cede one minute of time to one other person per agenda item who is also present and wishes to address the Legislative Body by providing a Request to Speak to the City Clerk with the appropriate box checked and the name of the person to whom time is ceded.
  • At the Mayor’s discretion, there may be an allotted maximum time limit for speakers per agenda item (i.e. one hour) to allow City Council adequate time for deliberation.

How to Provide Written Comments

Use the eComment feature

Go to the Meetings and Agendas webpage and click on the eComments link to the far right of the meeting for which you have a comment.  Then you can add your comment to the agenda item you choose.  

Watch a video tutorial on how to make an eComment.

Use Email

Email your comments to

Via Mail

Mail your comments to the attention of the City Clerk’s Office at 9770 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.

Deadline for submitting comments

  • Written comments received 4 hours before the start of the meeting, will be compiled and provided to the members to ensure sufficient time for them to review. These comments will become part of the official record through a motion to receive and file correspondence. 
    Written comments WILL NOT be read aloud during the City Council Meeting.
  • Written comments received 4 hours or less before the start of the meeting will not be provided to members prior to the meeting. Any comments received after the deadline for submittal will not become part of the public record for that meeting.