Family Self-Sufficiency Program

What is it?

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is designed to assist families currently receiving rental assistance from the City of Culver City Rental Assistance Program. This five year program offers families the opportunity to participate in classroom training, job training, and other training to prepare for careers that will assist the family in raising their income level where a housing subsidy is no longer necessary. In addition to training, the FSS Program will assist in transportation, child care, family and personal counseling, youth services and drug and alcohol treatment and counseling.

Who is eligible?

Any family currently receiving rental assistance is eligible for the FSS Program. Participation is not limited to the head of household as listed on your certificate or voucher. Any or all family members over 18 years of age living in the household may participate.

How does this program differ from other training programs?

By participating in this program the family has an opportunity to work together to accomplish self-sufficiency. Most other programs work with one person or the head of the household and may not be aware of other family needs. In addition, families selected to participate in FSS Program will have case management services available for assistance in developing their personal plan and to help with problems and barriers that may arise during the family's participation.

What else does the program offer?

This program offers as an incentive to participate, an escrow account that will grow as your income grows. This account is contributed by the Rental Assistance Program and has no deposits made by the family. Once the family completes their Contract of Participation and no longer needs rental assistance, all money in the account is theirs. The money generated by the escrow account may be used for a down payment on the purchase of a home, savings to finance a small business or to pay for the college education of the family's children.

Will participation in this program change my status for receiving rental assistance?

Families in the FSS Program are under the same guidelines as non-program families with regard to income. However, as the participating families’ income increases, deposits are made to an escrow account on behalf of the family.

How do I get more information about this program?

If you are interested in learning more about the FSS program, read theFamily Self-Sufficiency brochure(PDF, 473KB)or contactthe

Culver City Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator, Valerie Johnson at office line (310) 253-5792 or cell phone (424) 977-0341 or