Speaker Series

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As part of its General Plan Update (GPU), the City of Culver City is hosting a Speaker Series to inform, educate, and discuss issues that are important to everyone who lives, works, plays, and learns in Culver City. With the community’s help, the project team will create an updated General Plan that maintains Culver City’s uniqueness while creating opportunities for improving our economic growth, transportation, housing, climate change resilience, and more. We’ve established the Speaker Series to inspire you to help shape the future of Culver City.

You can find details below about each event as they become available, including links to RSVP to upcoming events. Following each event, staff will post an event summary and a link to a video of the event. Please contact Advance Planning staff at advance.planning@culvercity.org or call (310) 253-5740 with any questions.

Upcoming Events

 637316332943730000.jpegThe April 15 Speaker Series event has been canceled.

We will be looking to future dates to reschedule later in the year.

As a precautionary measure, the City Manager directed staff to cancel certain public meetings and events. Currently, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend physical distancing when there is significant community transmission of the novel coronavirus.  

The City will continue to work closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to protect the health and safety of our Culver City residents, visitors and staff. Learn more about the Coronavirus on the City of Culver City’s page with updates on the coronavirus and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s website on the coronavirus.

We will provide information on future events as it becomes available.

Past Events

3/4/20 Regional Economics with Kevin Klowden Summary_The Mobility Revolution(PDF, 2MB) Video_Regional Economics
2/4/20 Addressing Homelessness with Ansell, Mirasy-Glasco, Ricard and Lipman Summary_The Mobility Revolution(PDF, 2MB) Video_Addressing Homelessness
1/30/20 The Mobility Revolution with John Rossant (PDF, 2MB)Summary_The Mobility Revolution Video_The Mobility Revolution
12/11/19 Healthy Communities with Haberman, Kelly, McCarthy, and Ramirez Summary_Healthy Communities_12.11.19(PDF, 1MB) Video_Healthy Communities_12.11.19
11/21/19 Discriminatory Land Use Policies with Rothstein, Kent, and Hernández Summary of 'Discriminatory Land Use Policies'(PDF, 2MB) Video of 'Discriminatory Land Use Policies'
10/12/19 New Mobility with Dan Sturges New Mobility Summary(PDF, 2MB) Video_New Mobility with Dan Sturges
9/11/19 Broadband: Strategies & Opportunities with Joanne Hovis Broadband: Strategies & Opportunities Summary(PDF, 2MB) Video_Broadband: Strategies & Opportunities_9.11.19
7/17/19 Innovation in Urban Design with Gerhard Mayer, AIA, LEED AP Summary_Innovation in urban design_7.17.19(PDF, 2MB) Video_Innovation in urban design_7.17.19
6/19/19 Housing Affordability with Randy Shaw Summary_Housing affordability_6.19.19(PDF, 2MB) Video_Housing affordability_6.19.19
5/7/19 Emergency Preparedness with Fire Chief White and staff Summary_Emergency preparedness_5.7.19(PDF, 2MB) Video_Emergency preparedness_5.7.19
4/25/19 Dynamic Parking Pricing with Dr. Donald Shoup Summary_Dynamic parking pricing_4.25.19(PDF, 2MB) Video_Dynamic parking pricing_4.25.19
12/5/18 Design Shapes the City with Christopher Hawthorne Summary_Design shapes the city_12.5.18(PDF, 2MB) Video_Design shapes the city_12.5.18
11/7/18 How We Move with Craig Hodgetts, FAIA Summary_How we move_11.7.18(PDF, 3MB) Video_How we move_11.7.18
10/11/18 A City for Everyone with Dr. Manuel Pastor Summary_A city for everyone_10.11.18(PDF, 4MB) Video_A city for everyone_10.11.18
9/5/18 We are the City with James Rojas Summary_We are the city_9.5.18(PDF, 3MB)