Business Owner Resources

The Planning Division plays an important role in achieving the City’s goals and objectives related to the physical development of Culver City. The Planners are here to assist business owners and prospective business owners in understanding and applying the City’s zoning ordinances.

The Planning Counter at City Hall is open Monday – Thursday, and alternating Fridays (Friday Schedule), from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  The Planning Division is located on second floor of City Hall. Read below to find out more information about your house or another specific property in Culver City.

This section is a guide for a new businesses in Culver City that may answer a variety of questions you may have, for example, selecting a name, and all of the required permits and licenses that may apply.

Prior to obtaining a business license from the City, the following steps are required:

Step 1. Zoning Requirements

Make sure the business type is permitted at the location by verifying the zone and permitted use list based on the zone, and that the new use meets current parking standards.

  1. Check the zone(PDF, 2MB)

  2. Check the permitted uses (Commercial) (Industrial)

  3. Ensure adequate parking is provided

Step 2. Check out the following resources, often required before obtaining a Culver City Business Tax Certificate

Step 3. Culver City Business Tax Certificate Information

Visit the Finance Department, Revenue Division to obtain all forms and requirements to be filled out and provided.

Step 4. Building Permits

Normally, all repairs such as painting, wall papering, cabinetry and other such minor repairs do not need a permit. However, changing windows, re-roofs, water heater replacements, and structural changes all need permits. If you plan on any tenant improvements (walls, plumbing, electrical, signage, etc.) please contact Building Safety at (310) 253-5800 if you have any questions about what requires a permit. Building Permit Guidelines(PDF, 55KB).

Step 5. Stay informed on any City Codes that may apply to your business:

Sign Permits

All new signage requires prior approval before installation or existing sign change outs. Contact the Planning Division at (310) 253-5725 if you have any questions about sign regulations before your design, purchase, or install any signs.

Temporary Use Permits & Special Event Permits

For allowed events refer to Chapter 17.520 Temporary Use, Special Event, and Temporary Event Permits in the Zoning Code and contact the planning counter for additional requirements. You will also need to contact the Finance Division at (310) 253-5870 for the appropriate application and fees.

Address Assignment

If you are occupying a new tenant space or modifying an existing building to create a new tenant space, ensure there is an appropriate address assignment by contacting the Planning Division at (310) 253-5725 and apply for a new address if necessary.