March 3, 2020 - Special Election

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Measure CC: The Continuation of City Services Transactions and Use Tax

During the Special Election on March 3, 2020, Culver City residents can vote on Measure CC: the continuation of the current Measure Y half-cent sales tax. Currently, Measure Y will sunset in the year 2023. If approved by Culver City voters, Measure CC would extend Measure Y by 10 more years. The half-cent sales tax would continue to generate approximately $9.8 million dollars annually until 2033.

Measure CC would continue to provide revenue to maintain the current level of general city services and programs. Revenues would fund:

  • Police, fire and public safety services
  • 911 emergency response
  • Programming for seniors and youth
  • Maintenance of parks and recreation centers
  • Street repairs and traffic improvements
  • Emergency preparedness efforts and resources

The half-cent sales tax (in other words, 5 cents for every $10 spent) applies only to certain goods and services within Culver City, such as restaurants, bars, gasoline, and retail stores like clothing stores. It does not apply to most groceries or the services of a doctor, dentist or attorney. Visit the California Department of Tax and Fees Administration's website for full details about sales tax exemptions.

To vote on Measure CC in the March 3 special election, you need to be registered to vote by February 18:

Culver CityBus offers multiple routes to voting centers. On Election Day (March 3, 2020), bus transit is free! Visit the Culver CityBus Maps, Bus Stops & Schedules webpage to find your route.

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 Example uses of the Measure CC tax revenue

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 What you need to know about Measure CC

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For more information about Measure CC:
City Manager’s Office
(310) 253-6000 |

For more information about the March 3, 2020 election:
Visit the Election Information page or contact the City Clerk's Office
(310) 253-5851 |

Llame a la Ciudad al (310) 253-5851 si necesita información en Español.