City Council

City Council Members

The five-member elected City Council is the legislative body for the City of Culver City. The City Council provides overall policy directions which serve to maintain and improve the quality of life in the City of Culver City. The City Council selects from among its members a Mayor and Vice Mayor, to serve in those positions for a period of one year. Term end dates are contingent upon the certification of the election results.  The City Council typically meets the second and fourth Monday of each month. 

City of Culver City - City Hall
9770 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

City Council Meetings

December 12, 2022 Notice of City Council Reorganization(PDF, 63KB)

Comments on City Council Agenda Items

To submit your comments on a City Council Agenda Item, send an e-mail to the City Clerk at The City Council shall consider a motion to receive and file all written correspondence related to agenda items appearing on the agenda and for all other written documents (including e-mails) on subjects not appearing on the agenda that were received by the City Clerk’s Office no later than 4:00 PM on the day of the meeting. Comments received in writing will be distributed to the City Council Members before consideration of an item on the agenda and become part of the official record of the meeting.

For service requests, visit: Contact Culver City.  To contact all City Council Members:

2023 Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies  

Non-City Bodies Delegate Alternate
Clean Power Alliance Vera McMorrin
Disaster Management Area A Executive Board Nachbar (none) 
Independent Cities Association Eriksson
Interagency Communications Interoperability (ICI) System Puza (none)
L.A. County City Selection Committee Vera McMorrin
L.A. County Division of the League of CA Cities Eriksson Vera
L.A. County Sanitation Dist. No. 5 Board of Directors Vera McMorrin
LAX Community Noise Roundtable Eriksson  Puza
Southern CA Association of Governments (S.C.A.G.) Vera McMorrin
Westside Cities Council of Governments Eriksson O'Brien
Standing City Subcommittees Member 1 Member 2
Audit, Financial Planning and Budget Subcommittee O'Brien Eriksson
CCUSD / City Council Liaison Subcommittee McMorrin O'Brien
City Council West Los Angeles College Liaison Subcommittee O'Brien Puza
Economic Development Subcommittee Vera Eriksson
Joint Finance & Judiciary Subcommittee O'Brien Eriksson
Mobility, Traffic & Parking Subcommittee Eriksson Puza
Sustainability Subcommittee McMorrin Puza
Treasury Investment Subcommittee O'Brien Eriksson
Ad Hoc City Subcommittees Member 1 Member 2
2028 Summer Olympics Preparation Subcommittee O'Brien Puza
General Plan Subcommittee O'Brien Puza
Bill Botts Fields and Veterans Memorial Park Feasibility Study Subcommittee Vera O'Brien
Cannabis Policy Subcommittee Eriksson  Vera
City Council Policies Subcommittee Vera McMorrin
Equity Subcommittee McMorrin Puza
Housing and Homelessness Subcommittee McMorrin O'Brien
LAX/FAA Subcommittee Eriksson Puza
Legislative and Policy Platform Subcommittee Eriksson O'Brien
Minimum Wage Subcommittee  O'Brien  Puza
Nonconforming Firearms Retailer Uses Subcommittee Vera McMorrin
Police Liaison Subcommittee Eriksson  O'Brien
Regional Oil Operations Subcommittee Vera McMorrin
Short-Term Rental Policy Subcommittee McMorrin O'Brien
Special Events Grant Program Subcommittee - FY 2023-24 McMorrin O'Brien
Street Vendors Subcommittee McMorrin Puza