Trash and Waste

Culver City black trash bin Culver City is dedicated to making our city cleaner and more sustainable. Here you can find information about the City’s trash and waste collection, especially how to schedule bulky item pickups.

Please note furniture collected from bulky item pick-ups will be landfilled.







Black Trash Cart

Black Trash Cart

What goes in the BLACK trash cart?

Non-Recyclable & Non-Hazardous Materials

Broken plates, polystyrene, foam, plastic bags, diapers, pet poop, kitty litter, incandescent light bulbs, toothpaste tubes, broken pottery, disposable razors, disposable ice-packs.

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Used Clothing

Donate gently worn items to a second-hand store or clothing drive. Tattered and stained clothes belong in the trash.

What DOES NOT go into the Trash Cart?

Do not place food scraps, recyclables, or household hazardous waste in the trash cart.

Bulky Items

Bulky Items

Schedule Pickup

Contact the Environmental Programs and Operations Divisions customer service at (310) 253-6400 to schedule your bulky item pickup. Monday through Friday 7 am - 3 pm.

  • A customer service representative will review set-out guidelines with you
  • Your appointment will be scheduled within two (2) weeks of your call

Bulky Item Collection
Bulky waste pick up is by appointment only.

Single Family Residents
Single-family residents receive two free bulky item pick ups per year (up to 6 items). Any additional pick-ups incur the fee per the Adopted Refuse Rates.

Multi Family Residents
Multi-family residents receive one free pick up per year (up to 6 items).

Commercial Customers
The fee for commercial customers is indicated on the Adopted Refuse Rates.

Bulky Pick Up Form

Step 1. Complete Form
When completing and submitting the online form, you should receive an email response within 72 hours with the next available appointment date.

Important! Please check your spam folder if you do not see the scheduling confirmation email in your email inbox or contact Customer Service at (310) 235-6400, Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, to confirm.

Step 2. Set-Out Instructions

  • Place materials out no later than 6 am the day of collection
  • Place in front of property line and same side of street
  • Keep pile clear of other objects, including cars
  • Do not block sidewalks and traffic

Instructions for Collection

Place items at the curb by 6 am and no earlier than 1 day before your scheduled pick up date. Loose, uncontained or otherwise improperly prepared items may be subject to an additional fee.

Acceptable Materials

The following must be placed at the curb:

  • Furniture/mattresses. This furniture will be landfilled. Please check with local thrift stores, non-profits, or community groups before choosing this item to divert usable furniture from the landfill.
  • Appliances (will all fluids removed)
  • Gasoline lawn mowers (with all fluids removed)

The following shall not exceed 4 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length (and must be bundled):

  • Pipes
  • Lumber
  • Lawn/tree/shrub trimmings

Unacceptable Materials 
  • Commercial waste
  • Dirt, rocks, and bricks
  • Glass panes
  • Concrete
  • Household garbage
  • Hot ashes
  • Heavy materials (auto bodies, engines, etc.)