Active Project List - Mobility & Traffic Engineering Division

Project Name Description Project Cost Funding Source Current Status Next Steps

Overland HFST Safety Improvements 

Installation of High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) on curved segment of Overland Ave from Maytime Ln to Northgate St (0.17 mile).


CA Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Cycle 10

In design

Community Meeting
Signalized Intersection Safety Improvements    Traffic signal modifications at 10 locations.  Improvements include new signal hardware, installation of protected left-turn phases, and implementation of leading pedestrian interval (LPI)

Locations are:
1.  Washington Blvd at Beethoven St
2.  Washington Blvd at Overland Ave
3.  Washington Blvd at Inglewood Blvd
4.  Culver Blvd at Sawtelle Blvd
5.  Overland Ave at Braddock Dr
6.  Overland Ave at Virginia Ave
7.  Jefferson Blvd at Hetzler Rd
8.  Centinela Ave at Green Valley Cir
9. Washington Blvd at Higuera St
$2,766,700 HSIP Cycle 10 In design

Expect to complete design 3/2024

Construction to begin 06/2024

Unsignalized Intersections Safety Improvements    Safety improvements including addition of intersection lighting, installation/upgrade of stop signs and other warning and regulatory signs, and upgrade of intersection pavement markings at 12 unsignalized intersections on Washington Blvd, Sepulveda Blvd , Washington Pl, and Higuera St.  $1,545,700 HSIP Cycle 10
Design Complete

Construction to begin 05/2024

Ince/Lucerne Intersection Redesign
Redesign of the intersection of Ince Blvd/Lucerne Ave using temporary devices and enhancements to pavement markings
$50,000 (estimated) City CIP (7/2022)

In Construction

Construction to finish 01/2024

Expo-Downtown Bike and Ped Improvements 
Bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Robertson Blvd between Washington Blvd and Venice Blvd
$1,056,529 Metro Active Transportation (MAT) Grant
In Design

Complete 30% Design by 03/2024

La Ballona Creek Bike Path Improvements  Design and construction of sustainability, safety, and accessibility improvements on the segment of the La Ballona Creek Bike Path from Duquesne Ave to National Blvd (1.1 miles) including re-surfacing with permeable pavement, installation of solar powered lighting, enhancements to signage and pavement markings, accessibility improvements, and landscaping.
$2,800,160 Baldwin Hills Conservancy Grant - $1,952,500

Local Match - 847,660

In design

Complete design by May 2024

Traffic Safety Education  Citywide multi-modal traffic safety education program for seniors, working adults, school age students, and unhoused community members. 
$75,000 CA Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) 21/22
Contract awarded to Walk and Rollers Purchase safety equipment 

Community training
Overland-Playa Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Design of pedestrian improvements, traffic signal at the library, and Class II and Class IV bike lanes on Overland Ave between Venice Blvd and the Transit Center (2.8 miles) $6,367,700

Measure M Sub Regional Fund (WCCOG) - $842,496

Unfunded - $5,525,204

In design

Community Meeting 

Complete Streets Design Guidelines    This project will prepare a comprehensive, community-driven Complete Streets Design Guidelines.   The Guidelines will identify complete streets elements and multimodal design improvements to enhance safety especially for the most vulnerable roadway users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders, while still serving motorists $564,780 Sustainable Trans Planning Grant (Caltrans) - $500,000

Local Match - $6,000
Draft guidelines

Community Workshop #1 2/28/2024

Fox Hills Master Plan Fox Hills Master Plan covering land use and transportation.  The transportation system analysis includes parking supply and management to meet shortage for area residents.
$640,000 Unfunded Concept plan completed
Pursue future funding sources
Farragut Dr Bike Boulevard Project
Establishment of bike boulevard signage and pavement markings, traffic calming devices including speed cushions and traffic circle, ADA compliant curb ramps, and construction of missing sidewalk segments.  Farragut Dr between Overland Ave and Duquesne Ave
$1,500,000 (estimated)

Measure M - $250,000

Construction - Unfunded

Secure consultant contract

Begin design

Secure construction funding

Farragut Ped/Bike Connection Replacement Demolition of existing path and its replacement with permeable pavement, pedestrian-oriented lighting, a drinking fountain, new fencing, and an irrigation system for new plants and trees  $465,000  City CIP Contractor selected. Construction in Spring, 2024  
Fox Hills NTMP and Bikeways project
Implement Class II and Class IV bike lanes on multiple area streets, enhancements to signage and pavement markings, and implementation of traffic calming devices including speed humps, bulb outs and traffic circles. $1,100,000 Metro Measure M - $600,000

Parking Fund - $162,000

Fox Hills NTMP - $150,000

City CIP - $150,000

In design

Community meeting held.

Present 100% plans to community

Pursue full construction funding

Safe Routes to School Upgrade curb ramps, enhance signs and markings at El Rincon Elementary, El Marino Elementary, Farragut Elementary and Middle Schools $200,000 City CIP  In construction

Complete construction 01/2024

I-405 SB Ramps at Sawtelle Blvd/Matteson Ave  Traffic signal modification to allow for protected left turn movement at freeway off-ramp $146,947 Sony Mitigation Funds Design complete

Obtain Caltrans permit

Prepare for construction

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) – ITS Improvements 
Install Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) improvements along Sepulveda Blvd between Jefferson Blvd and Centinela Ave.  Improvements include one changeable message sign (at Slauson), battery backup systems and video detection units.
$2,710,000 LAWA

In construction

Construction to be completed 2/2024
Arts District Parking Study Parking study along Washington Blvd within the Arts District $150,000

City CIP

  Release consultant RFP
Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan Implementation
Implementation of the bikeways network as recommended by the 2020 BPAP.  Projects would be implement in segments and contingent on future funding.  

Segments include:
1 - Overland Ave btw Venice Blvd and Sepulveda Blvd (Class IV)
2 - Sepulveda Blvd btw Ballona Creek Bridge and Jefferson Blvd (Class IV)
3 - Sepulveda Blvd btw Jefferson Blvd and Centinela Ave (Class IV)
4 - Jefferson Blvd btw Sepulveda Blvd and Higuera St (Class IV)
5 - Centinela Ave btw W City Limit and Sepulveda Blvd (Class II)
6 - Centinela Ave btw Sepulveda Blvd and E City Limit (Class IV)
7 - Culver Blvd btw Elenda St and Duquesne Ave (Class II)
8 - Green Valley Cir (Class II), Bristol Pkwy (Class II), Buckingham Pkwy (Class IV)
9 - Sawtelle Blvd btw Venice Blvd and Braddock Dr (Class II)
10 - Sepulveda Blvd btw Venice Blvd and Braddock Dr (Class II)
11 - Washington Blvd btw Harter Ave and Overland Ave (Class II)

12 - Washington Blvd btw Hargis St and Adams Blvd & Adams Blvd to LA City Limit (Class II)

$10,000,000 (estimated)

Segments 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 - Unfunded

Segment 1 - Included with Overland-Playa Project

Segment 2 - $250,000 (from 11111 Jefferson Project)

Segment 7  - City CIP

Segment 8 -  Included with Fox Hills NTMP

Segment 12 - $200,000 City CIP

Segment 12 - to be incorporated with Move CC Phase 2

Segment 8 - Design progressing with Fox Hills Bike Lanes

Segment 7 - In Design

Segment 5 - complete

Pursue grants, local funding and development agreements to secure funding for all segments.

Segments 2, 3 - begin design 
Rancho Higuera NTMP - Phase 1 Neighborhood traffic calming plan currently under construction following the planning, design and community consultation. $348,000 Culver Studios Mitigation Phase 1 improvements complete Secure funding for Phase 2 Study
La Ballona Elementary School Safe Routes to School Pedestrian improvements around La Ballona Elementary School, including: curb extensions, ADA ramps, high-visibility crosswalks, controlled intersections with median refuge islands on Washington Blvd, street trees and pedestrian-scale lighting, protected bike lane on Elenda Street between Culver Blvd and Washington Blvd
$2,720,000 CA ATP Grant - Cycle 2
Project complete Finalize grant documentation
Main Street
Installation of automatic bollards for recurring closure of Main St for Farmer's Market $540,401 City CIP In construction

Construction to be complete 02/2024

Traffic Signal Battery Backup System Install battery backup systems at 15 locations each year, beginning with critical and complex intersection that serve a large volume of traffic.  $150,000 Measure M Installed 15 units Next 15 units are purchased.  Plan for installation
Traffic Signal Synchronization Conduct traffic signal timing update at all of the City's signalized intersections.  Install additional limit line detection as necessary using video units at key intersections for traffic detection (vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian).  $200,000 LA County Prop C In Design  Complete design by 03/2024
Traffic Signal Fiber Optic Upgrades Approximately 75% of the City's traffic signals are connected with copper twisted pair wiring.  Fiber optic cables will allow for all devices to function properly and without interruption.  $300,000 Measure M In Design  Complete design by 03/2024