Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan

Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan with silhouette of pedestrian and bicycle with three riders

The Future of Walking and Biking in Culver City.


The 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan (Plan) establishes a long-term vision for improving walking and bicycling in Culver City, building upon a long- standing effort to make Culver City a place known for its extensive bicycle and pedestrian network and as an active, healthy place to live, work, and play.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan updates the previous Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan adopted by the City Council in 2010 and seeks to ensure comfortable, safe, and attractive places to bike and walk, so that these forms of active transportation become first choices for travelling around our city. 

The Plan includes an inventory of the City’s current bicycle and pedestrian network and provides new and updated infrastructure, program, and policy recommendations to encourage bicycling and walking. These recommendations take advantage of new, innovative solutions to guide City staff in prioritizing resources when implementing future projects and programs. The Plan will also assist the City in its efforts to secure grants and other outside funding for these pursuits. 

View the Bicycle & Pedestrian Action Plan(PDF, 50MB)

Vision & Goals


Culver City will be a community where bicycling and walking provide affordable, safe, and healthy mobility options for all residents. New projects and programs will work to enhance multi-modal mobility.


  • Access and Connectivity: Culver City will support increased access to neighborhood destinations such as schools, parks, bus stops, transit stations/ centers, and Downtown. 
  • Healthier, Safer Communities: Culver City will empower residents to live a more active lifestyle by providing a network of safe and comfortable active transportation facilities for everyone to enjoy. Culver City will design (and re-design) the public realm with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injury crashes on the roadways. 
  • Affordability: Culver City will work to reduce the burden of transportation costs on households by further encouraging and providing for use of active transportation. 
  • Collaboration: Culver City will foster an increased role for the community in the planning process and will work alongside other relevant planning efforts on the local, regional and state levels. 
  • Equitable: All community members regardless of age, physical ability, or financial resources will have access to an improved network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities within Culver City and connecting with neighboring jurisdictions. 

Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan, Final Adopted Plan June 2020, cover page showing photograph of multiple bicyclers in downtown Culver City(PDF, 50MB)