Lap Swimming

All swimmers may register and reserve a 55-minute swim block at The Plunge during designated Lap Swim hours. Swimmers may sign up for multiple swim blocks. 

Participants 12 and under may sign up for lap swim and must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older in a 1 to 1 ratio. Youth participants may be asked to take a swim test.

All patrons participating in the last public swim hour will be given a 15-minute grace period after their swim. After the 15 minutes the facility will be closed, and all patrons will be asked to exit the facility.

Plunge Lap Swim Times

Our lap swim hours change seasonally. Check out our current lap swim times online

Lap Swim Fees and Registration Information

Lap Swim Fees

Adult (Ages 18-49)    $4
Youth (17 and Under) Seniors (50 and up) and Persons with Disabilities  $3

Lap Swim Registration Information

Registration Dates

Registration takes place online or in-person on a weekly basis.

Register online here!

Residents of Culver City can sign up every Monday at 7 AM for the following week.

Non-Residents of Culver City can sign up every Wednesday at 7 AM for the following week. 

See example below.


Monday, Aug. 26, 2024 - Sunday, Aug. 30, 2024 

Monday, Aug. 19, 2024 at 7 AM  Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2024 at 7 AM

Standby Procedures

The Culver City Plunge has implemented a standby process to fill any empty lanes. Please review the guidelines below:

  • At 15 minutes to the hour, participants will be checked in on the standby list on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • At 10 minutes past the hour, if space is available, Plunge staff will call standby participants in the order they appear on the list for that time slot.  
  • If a participant accepts a standby slot, they are required to pay at the time of entry. Please note this will take additional time that can impact the participant's time in the water.
  • If a participant does not get in on standby and they wish to try standby for any subsequent time/s, they must check in at the Plunge front desk. Participant needs to be present 15 minutes prior to the hour for the new standby time.
  • Please note that being on the standby list does not guarantee entry.


Lap Swim Procedures and Guidelines 

Check in Process

  • Participants will check in with the front desk staff, check in will begin 15 minutes to the hour.
  • Participants will be given a colored wristband to denote what hour(s) they have paid for. Lanes are chosen on a first come first served basis
  • If lanes remain empty 10 minutes after the hour they will be allocated to standby participants 

Lap Swim Guidelines

  • 3 participants max per lane for short course.
  • 6 participants max per lane for long course.
  • Circle swimming is required when more than 2 participants are in a lane.
  • Participants are given a 10-minute grace period. After 10 minutes past the hour, spots will be allocated to standby participants, if any.
  • Participants 12 and under may sign up for lap swim and must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older in a 1 to 1 ratio. Youth participants may be asked to take a swim test.
  • Private instruction in the water or on deck is not permitted.
  • The Plunge is a Bully Free facility. Bullying will not be tolerated. Any sort of bullying to patrons or staff can and may result in removal from the facility without refund. 

Lap Swim Etiquette

To ensure that all swimmers enjoy their time in the Plunge, we ask that you adhere to the following lap swim etiquette:

Entering the water
Always use a feet-first entry into shallow water. If the lane is crowded, always ease in, using a feet-first entry. You may dive into the pool from the deep end, but only if the pool is completely clear in front of you.

Circle swimming
Just like driving a car, you swim on the right side of the lane in a counter-clockwise pattern, keeping the middle of the lane open.

The best place to pass someone is at the wall. Please do not touch anyone at any time when signaling them that you are passing. If you pass in the middle of the pool, it should be between the backstroke flags, and you should pass in the middle of the lane as long as there are no on-coming swimmers and it is safe to do so.
If you are the swimmer being passed, please stop at the wall to let them pass. It is best to stop and go to the right corner of the lane, then they can pass you on the left. If they are passing you in the middle of the pool, just swim as close as you can to the lane line and slow down a bit to allow them room and time to pass.

Number of swimmer permitted in a lane
3 swimmers max per short course lane

6 swimmers max per long course lane

Lane speed
A good way to find the lane that best suits your swimming abilities, is to observe those who are swimming. If you are the first one in the lane, just abide by circle swimming so others may join you. If you unsure about which lane to use, request assistance from the lifeguard. Swimming in the same lane with swimmers at your same pace could help you swim better and have a more effective workout.

If you are resting on the wall, stay to the right side of the lane to stay away from oncoming swimmers. Stopping in the middle of the pool should be avoided. If the lane is crowded and one person stops, all will have to stop. Be aware of other swimmers around you at all times.

The diplomacy of shared space
If someone makes a suggestion concerning any of the mentioned etiquette topics, try to make adjustments in the spirit of cooperation. If you make a suggestion to another swimmer, try to do it as diplomatically as possible. Please be courteous and responsive if you are asked to move lanes by the lifeguard(s). The lifeguard(s) on duty will have the final determination in arrangement of lanes.


Plunge Closures and Scheduled Maintenance

There may be times when our parks, park amenities and facilities are subject to temporary closures due to weather conditions, maintenance and/or other reasons. We advise you to check the PRCS Department homepage for temporary closure notifications when planning activities.