Picture Culver City! General Plan 2045

General Plan 2045

Culver City community members are creating a new vision and guiding principles for the city's future. This initiative, a comprehensive update to the General Plan, will result in new long-range planning documents that work together to maintain Culver City's uniqueness and create opportunities to improve how we manage every aspect of the city—including economic growth, transportation, housing, climate change, and more.

The General Plan process began in 2019 and included an extensive outreach and visioning process that resulted in the project's Vision, Values and Guiding Principles. After determining a preferred direction with guidance from community members, City Council, Planning Commission, and the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), the project team worked to develop the twelve elements that will make up the new General Plan. 

The Public Review Draft General Plan will be available for review in late September 2023, with additional outreach events and opportunities for members of the public to share their thoughts and comments throughout the fall. Visit the project website for more information, and subscribe for email updates and meeting/event notifications.

General Plan 2045 - Culver City