Culver City Releases ADU Handbook & Pre-Approved Design Plans

Published on March 18, 2024

Photo of Accessory Dwelling Unit

The City of Culver City has announced the release of its much-anticipated Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Handbook along with pre-approved plans, aimed at assisting residents interested in constructing ADUs on their properties. These plans come in three different layouts and architectural styles, providing homeowners with diverse options for expanding their living spaces.

The initiative reflects Culver City's commitment to addressing the pressing housing shortage prevalent across the state of California. By promoting the construction of ADUs, the City aims to offer solutions to housing challenges while also providing financial benefits to property owners. ADUs not only enable homeowners to generate rental income but also cater to the growing demand for multi-generational housing arrangements. They also offer older residents the opportunity to age in place within their familiar communities.

The newly introduced ADU Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide, designed to assist homeowners through the complexities of ADU construction within Culver City. From conceptualization to execution, the handbook outlines key steps involved in the process. The Planning Staff at City Hall stands ready to provide further assistance, whether in person, over the phone, or via email.

Pre-approved ADU plans have been developed to streamline the construction process and alleviate the financial burden associated with custom plan creation. These plans, available for new construction projects, can be accessed from the City's website. Homeowners can then submit them to the Building Safety Division for review. While minor adjustments may be necessary to tailor the plans to specific site constraints, the pre-approved designs significantly expedite the overall process.

For those with inquiries or seeking additional information, Culver City encourages residents to visit the ADU webpage on the city's website. Individuals can reach out to the Current Planning Division by phone or email during office hours for prompt assistance.

The release of the ADU Handbook and pre-approved plans marks a significant step forward in Culver City's efforts to promote sustainable housing solutions and support its residents in navigating the complexities of construction projects.

For further information, call the Planning Division at (310) 253-5710 or email here. The office hours are Monday through Thursday and alternate Fridays from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

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