Residents Urged to Take Precautions Due to Concerns of Mudslide Risks

Published on February 05, 2024

Photo of mud forming behind homes in the Culver Crest area.

In response to the ongoing inclement weather conditions and the increased risk of mudslides, Culver City is recommending residents take precautions.

Mud flows have been reported behind two homes along Cranks Road and one home along Flaxton Street. Due to the continuing rain, the City is asking residents who live above, below, or adjacent to a hillside in or below the Upper Crest neighborhood, including the following streets to take extra precaution as the situation develops:

  • Cranks Road
  • Flaxton Street
  • Youngworth Road
  • Ranch Road
  • Drakewood Avenue
  • Lugo Way
  • Tellefson Road
  • Stubbs Lane
  • Esterina Way
  • Linda Way
  • St. James Drive
  • Hill Road
  • Culview Street
  • Molony Road
  • Stephon Terrace
  • Bernardo Road

Recommendations from Ready.Gov for landslide preparedness include monitoring your property for signs of landslides. Residents should seek advice from a geotechnical expert for evaluating landslide hazards or designing corrective techniques to reduce landslide risk. A professional can advise you of the best ways to prevent or reduce landslide risk, without creating further hazard. If an immediate, dangerous situation is observed, please call 9-1-1. If you have questions or non-urgent concerns, please call Public Works Maintenance Operations at (310) 253-6420.

The National Weather Service has forecasted continued heavy rainfall in the region through Tuesday, leading to concerns about the stability of the terrain in the area. The City, along with the Culver City Fire Department and Public Works, is evaluating the situation and will provide additional recommendations when available.

Residents are urged to stay informed about the latest updates through official channels, including local news outlets and Culver City's official communication channels. For real-time information and updates, residents are encouraged to follow Culver City's official social media accounts and sign up for Everbridge, the City's alert platform for updates to your phone.

You can also find useful resources on the Culver City Fire Department's website. 

The City of Culver City appreciates the cooperation and understanding of residents during this challenging time and is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.


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