Center Line Ties

Center Line Ties are used primarily by engineering surveyors to locate the centers of streets, typically at intersections.  These are necessary for private development projects, improvements in the public right-of-way, and tract/parcel maps.


Step 1.Download the needed files

Based on the street names needed, select one or more of the four zip files listed below.  Once downloaded you will need to extract the zip file to view the individual files.  Note, the files are in TIF format.

If you need an intersection, make sure to review the files for all of the streets which are part of the intersection.  For example, if you need the intersection of Culver Blvd and Lafayette, you would need to have downloaded the zip files A-F for Culver Blvd and G-L for Lafayette.  

Step 2.Find your Intersection

Once you have your files, you will need to locate the file you need by going through the various files.  For example, to find the intersection of Lafayette and Culver Blvd, you will need to go into the G - L folder and open each L_Sheet_xxx.TIF file starting with L_Sheet_001.TIF until you find the file you need.  

Note: We are working on updating the file names with the actual street names to make locating the files easier.