Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan

Image of white car charging and electric vehicle charging station

Culver City Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan

Culver City was one of 18 cities who received a Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) grant in 2020 to prepare a citywide Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan.

Plan Goals

  • Determine the most suitable sites in Culver City to install EV charging stations
  • Identify hurdles to installing EV charging stations and develop solutions
  • Create EV ownership educational materials for drivers
  • Create guides for multi-unit residential property owners to assist with identifying:
  • Make and model EV chargers available
  • Rebates for installation and maintenance
  • Networking options available to customers to login in and use

Plan Details

After completing a competitive process, SCAG selected Willdan as the firm to oversee preparation of plans for each city, which are now underway. 

Learn more about the EV Infrastructure Plan(PDF, 1MB)
(Presentation to the Culver City Council Sustainability Subcommittee 11/10/2020)

Virtual Meeting Room

Visit the Visit the Virtual Meeting Room created to introduce the EV Infrastructure Plan and obtain public input.

The Virtual Meeting Room covers topics such as:

  • EV Infrastructure Plan overview
  • EV Frequently Asked Questions
  • Common EV Charging Challenges

The Virtual Meeting Room features several ways you can contribute. Your input will assist the City prepare its final plan.

  • Electronic Comment Box
  • Survey

Thinking of Buying or Leasing an EV?

Learn about operating an EV(PDF, 2MB)  and how it compares to an internal combustion engine.  Also learn about lifetime cost of ownership, rebates available for their purchase or lease, what make/models are available on the market, their environmental benefits, and the types and availability of public charging stations.  

Aprenda todo sobre cómo operar un EV(PDF, 2MB) y cómo se compara con un motor de combustión interna. Obtenga también información sobre el costo de propiedad de por vida, los reembolsos disponibles para su compra o arrendamiento, qué marcas/modelos están disponibles en el mercado, sus beneficios ambientales y los tipos y la disponibilidad de las estaciones de carga públicas.

Graphic image of man and electric vehicle plugged into house.