Clean Power Alliance

The City of Culver City is proud to be a member of the CPA - Clean Power Alliance.

Powered by 100% green energy. CPA Clean Power Alliance  

Culver City residents and businesses can join in leading the way to a greener future!

Clean Power Alliance's 100% Green Power is the default electricity rate option for the Culver City community, providing 100% renewable power at competitive rates.*

But the choice is yours! 


While 100% Green Power is the default selection, if you decide this is not the best fit, you can change your service by selecting one of the Clean Power Alliance’s other rate option.   


* Customers enrolled in discount programs such as CARE and FERA(PDF, 772KB) are being charged the same rates as previously service with Southern California Edison (SCE).


Discounts & Incentives

Power Share Discounts

Do you qualify for a 20% discount on your electric bill?

The Clean Power Alliance has launched the Power Share program that offers a 20% discount for income-qualified customers who live in specific areas of Culver City.

Customers who live in Power Share eligible areas (see map below) and are enrolled into the CARE/FERA program can also likely qualify for the Power Share 20% discount!

Confirm your eligibility and find out more about CPA’s Power Share program.

Clean Power Alliance Power Share Program Service Map

Residential Customer Incentives

Clean Power Alliance offers residential customers money saving programs.

View flyer describing smart thermostat, solar and storage programs(PDF, 2MB) that can save you save money.

Commercial Customer Incentives

Clean Power Alliance offers commercial customers money saving programs.


Green Energy

Get recognized for going green with the Green Leader Program!

Are you a business owner with ambitious sustainability goals?

Let us help you get credit for it!

Sign up your business or organization for our Green Leader Program to take advantage of free web and social marketing and explore co-promotions or co-branding opportunities and other complimentary marketing opportunities.

Benefits Include:

  • Decals, web badges and other promotional materials for display and marketing
  • Co-promotion via member agencies and other green business programs
  • Recognition and networking events
  • Assistance developing and promoting your business’ greenhouse gas emissions reduction metrics
  • Featured profiles of your business on CPA’s website and social media

Participation Is Easy

Learn More about Becoming a Green Leader online or call 888-585-3788


Learn More About the Clean Power Alliance

What is the Clean Power Alliance?

Clean Power Alliance is a nonprofit entity, formed through a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) made up of 31 public agencies across Los Angeles and Ventura counties—including Culver City—working together to bring clean, renewable power choices to our communities. On December 11, 2017 the City of Culver City voted to join Clean Power Alliance to bring the power of choice to our community. 

 Image of energy flow from solar/wind to poles to buildings Source-Clean Power Alliance buys electricity; Delivery-SCE delivers energy, maintains lines, and bills customers; Customer-You benefit from competitive rates, local control and cleaner energy

Clean Power Alliance Rate Options


Provides 42% renewable content at the lowest possible cost—with the added benefit of local management and control.

Learn more about Lean Power.

Provides 50% renewable content and the opportunity to support building a cleaner future, all at cost competitive rates.

Learn more about Clean Power.

Provides 100% renewable content and gives you the opportunity to be an environmental champion—leading the way to a greener future. Our community has selected Green Power as our default option.

Learn more about 100% Green Power.

No matter what offering you choose, our community enjoys the shared benefits of Clean Power Alliance including:

  • Local Management and Control
  • Stable, Competitive Rates
  • Higher Renewable Content

How Does the Clean Power Alliance Work with SCE?

Clean Power Alliance purchases clean power and Southern California Edison (SCE) delivers it.

  • SCE delivers power to your home or business
  • SCE is responsible for resolving any issues with your electricity service
  • Call SCE to start or stop your service
  • SCE sends one bill and provides account services
  • SCE rebates and incentives will continue to apply

What Has the Clean Power Alliance Been Up To Lately?

Making a Difference

As the largest Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) and fifth-largest load serving entity in California, Clean Power Alliance of Southern California (CPA) is uniquely positioned to leverage the collective commitment of the local leaders of its diverse service territory to develop a new way to procure and provide electricity services. 

CPA has been at the forefront of climate change mitigation through rapidly greening its customers’ energy supply, while providing choice and helping local communities fast-track their sustainability goals by offering renewable energy at competitive rates.

Growing Enrollment

Following the launch of mass enrollment over the course of 2019 and 2020, CPA now serves more than one million residential and commercial customer accounts across 32 diverse jurisdictions in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. CPA provides 100% renewable energy to more than three hundred thousand customers, more than any other provider in the nation. 

Approximately 27% of CPA customers receive financial assistance on their electricity bills through the statewide California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE), Family Energy Rates Assistance (FERA), or Medical Baseline programs. Through CPA Board direction, these customers who live in communities that chose 100% renewable energy as their default rate product receive green energy at no added cost.  

Securing Energy

CPA has secured 1,330 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy resources and 715 MW of new battery storage, making CPA the third largest purchaser of storage in California as well as a significant contributor to the development of a clean and reliable grid.

View the Clean Power Alliance Annual Impact Report

View the 2022 Clean Power Alliance Annual Impact Report

The Clean Power Alliance’s Annual Impact Report for 2022 documents their extensive renewable energy initiatives and their focus on customers, which drive CPA's long term clean energy goals and the communities they are dedicated to investing in and serving. Included in the 2022 Annual Impact Report are updates on renewable energy procurement activities, community focused programs, stories from their Voyager scholarship recipients, and other customer and stakeholder perspectives that drive the Alliance’s success.