Alternatives to Incarceration

Culver City will continue to seek ways to align with the County of Los Angeles’ Alternatives to Incarceration Initiative with the goal of reducing police interaction, arrests and prosecutions for minor misdemeanors.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors created the Alternatives to Incarceration Initiative (ATI) in 2019 to develop a roadmap for diverting people from jail into care. The current roadmap is a report with 114 recommendations generated through an intensive consensus-building process involving more than 1,000 government and community stakeholders over ten months. All the recommendations aim to provide treatment and services to those in need, instead of arrest and jail. They describe a cohesive vision for smart and appropriate policies to promote community health and safety throughout Los Angeles County, focusing especially on providing “care first” to vulnerable members of our community. Culver City will continue to seek ways in which to align with ATI in the future.