Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project


The Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project is working to improve travel for everyone, whether you walk, use a wheelchair, bike, take transit, or drive. Proposed improvements include new sidewalk-facing street lighting, street trees, accessibility improvements for people with disabilities, bus stop enhancements, protected bike lanes, and more.

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The Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project begins at the intersection of Overland Ave & Venice Blvd and extends south to the Culver City Transit Center and Fox Hills Neighborhood.

Better Overland

  • Overland Ave from Venice Blvd to Playa St
  • Playa St to Hannum Ave
  • Hannum Ave from Playa St to Slauson Ave
  • Slauson Ave from the 90 freeway on/off ramp to the Culver City Transit Center (at the Culver City Westfield)

Safer Fox Hills

  • Green Valley Cir from Sepulveda Blvd to Centinela Ave
  • Bristol Pkwy from Centinela Ave to Hannum Ave
  • Buckingham Pkwy from Green Valley Cir to Hannum Ave
  • Hannum Ave from Slauson Ave to Buckingham Pkwy


An overview map of the Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project


Project timeline

March 2023 – February 2024

Project Kickoff & Preliminary Research
City staff reviewed the existing conditions along the project corridor (e.g., existing sidewalks, roadway conditions, tree canopy, street lighting, etc.) as well as City Council adopted plans and policies (e.g., the General Plan, Bicycle & Pedestrian Action Plan, Local Road Safety Plan, Urban Forestry Master Plan, etc.) to develop preliminary proposed improvements for the project.

April 2023 – Early May 2024

Community Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement
City staff are hosting community engagement events, conducting surveys, and collecting feedback to understand the community's priorities. All feedback received during public outreach is being reviewed by the City and will help inform the project's design.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 – Note new date (previously was May 13, 2024)

City Council Review
After concluding community outreach, City staff will finalize the conceptual design and request Council's approval to apply for a grant to fund final engineering design and construction of the project.

June 17, 2024

Submit Grant Application
If approved by the City Council at its May 27 meeting, staff will submit a grant application to Caltrans' Active Transportation Program (ATP).

Winter 2024

ATP Grant Recipients Announced
Grant funding is required for construction. If the City is awarded an ATP grant, construction is expected to begin in late 2025 and take 3-5 years. Construction will be performed in phases to minimize impacts to the City's residents, businesses, and visitors.

Review the Conceptual Plans

See what's in store by reviewing the conceptual plans for  Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills. Note that the conceptual plans are preliminary and subject to change based on stakeholder & community feedback and City Council direction.

Better Overland Conceptual Plans(PDF, 6MB)

Safer Fox Hills Conceptual Plans(PDF, 2MB)

Community Events

If you live, work, or play along the project corridor, we want to hear from you! Thank you for everyone who came out and attended one of our community events in Spring 2024! 

Couldn't make it to an event? Don't worry—the City will be continuing to perform public outreach and stakeholder engagement as the project design is finalized later in 2024. You can also submit your feedback online.

Make sure to sign up for email updates to stay informed.

Past Events

Date Event
Wednesday, April 10, 2024 Disability Advisory Committee Meeting
Thursday, April 11, 2024 Mobility, Traffic & Parking Subcommittee Meeting
Thursday, April 18, 2024 Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting
Sunday, April 21, 2024 CicLAvia—Venice Blvd
Monday, April 22, 2024 Community Meeting at Veterans Memorial Park
Saturday, April 27, 2024
Corridor Walk Audit Beginning at Veterans Memorial Park
Sunday, April 28, 2024 Corridor Walk Audit in Fox Hills
Wednesday, May 1, 2024
7:00 – 8:30 PM
Community Meeting at Blanco Park
Drop in any time!
Thursday, May 2, 2024
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Community Meeting in Fox Hills
Drop in any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of this project?

The Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project is for everyone. The following goals act upon City Council adopted plans and policies, including the General Plan, the Bicycle & Pedestrian Action Plan, the Local Road Safety Plan, the City's Complete Streets Policy, and more.

Person using a wheelchair

Dedicated to People with Disabilities 

Culver City is a place for everyone. However, the way our roads are designed today create barriers that make it difficult for people with disabilities to use our streets safely. From new sidewalks to curb ramps and everything in between, we;re improving our public spaces to be accessible for everyone.

Person walking in a crosswalk

Streets Made for Walking

We're reviewing crash data to identify ways to make our streets both feel safe and be safe for everyone that uses them. A new signalized crosswalk at the library, new high-visibility crosswalks, and sidewalk-facing streetlights are just some of the ways the Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project will make walking about the City better and brighter.

Person riding a bike with a dog

Biking for All Ages & Abilities

A truly successful bicycle network must be safe for everyone—regardless of age or ability—from beginning to end. The Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project proposes 5.3 miles of new concrete-protected bike lanes stretching from Venice & Overland to the City’s southernmost border. This new north-south bike "highway" will be the first of its kind in the West LA region and provide connectivity to other major bikeways, such as the Ballona Creek Bike Path and Venice Blvd protected bike lanes in the City of Los Angeles.

Personal waiting at a bus stop

Better Bus Stops & Transit Connections

The Better Overland & Safer Fox Hills Project proposes transit stop improvements, including transit shelters and real-time rider information displays, that will make it more inviting to access transit along the corridor—and beyond. By providing mobility options for Culver City residents, employees, and visitors, this project takes another step toward the City's vision of a multimodal future.

How will these projects impact parking?

In March 2024, the City began a comprehensive parking study of all road segments included in the Better Overland and Safer Fox Hills Projects. Parking counts are being conducted at 4 different times of day/night to assess when—and where—parking was in highest demand. The results of this study will be presented at the City Council meeting on May 27, 2024, but City staff anticipate that parking impacts in areas of high demand to be minimal. In areas where parking is underutilized, or not used at all, City staff are proposing to repurpose parking areas for other uses, such as wider sidewalks, new street trees, and protected bike lanes

How will this project impact vehicular lanes?

Better Overland

Two vehicular travel lanes will be maintained in each direction. In some areas, dedicated turn left- or right-turn lanes are proposed to be reduced or removed due to right-of-way constraints. City staff are performing traffic modeling and analyses to identify and evaluate mitigation efforts—such as re-timing traffic lights—that will promote the safe and orderly movement of traffic for everyone.

Safer Fox Hills

  • Green Valley Circle: Due to excess roadway capacity and community concerns regarding speeding, pedestrian safety, and cut-through traffic, City staff are proposing to reduce the number of vehicular lanes from two to one in each direction on Green Valley Cir between Bristol Pkwy and Canterbury Dr. (Green Valley Cir between Canterbury Dr and Centinela Ave is already one lane in each direction.) These traffic calming efforts will also allow for the installation of concrete-protected bike lanes to encourage non-vehicular modes of transportation. The existing center two-way left turn lane on Green Valley Cir is proposed to remain.
  • Bristol Parkway: Similar to Green Valley Circle, City staff have determined that excess vehicular capacity exists on Bristol Pkwy. A two-to-one lane reduction is also proposed on Bristol Pkwy to calm traffic and allow for the installation wider sidewalks, new landscaping and street trees, and concrete-protected bike lanes.
  • Hannum Avenue: Two through lanes in each direction and a center two-way left-turn lane are proposed to be maintained.
  • Buckingham Parkway: One through lane in each direction and a center two-way left-turn lane is proposed to be maintained.