A Child's Landscape

A child's landscape artwork

Commissioned in 1988 and refurbished in 2012. A Child's Landscape is a part of a series for Willow's Community School by artist Laddie John Dill, who worked with Willow's students to create the pieces. The artwork consists of a square, a diamond, and a circle comprised of 12"x12" squares that incorporate West Coast landscape materials such as glass, metallic coatings, aluminum, and concrete, resembling a hardscape polychrome quilt on the wall. There is a fourth addition to the artwork towards the left which resembles trees.

a childs landscape artwork close up detail

A Child's landscape Artwork fourth piece




Willows Community School (Fourth artwork is located at 8490 Warner Drive - further down to the left)

8520 Warner Drive, Culver City 90232  View Map

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