City Sequence

City Sequence
Image credit: Lisa Naruko

Located in the Council Chambers lobby, City Sequence is a collection of 27 individual paintings arranged in three rows of nine paintings each to form an overall composition. The artist conceived of this mural as a type of disenos, a nineteenth century map created by folk artists and mapmakers, and used by rancheros filing grant petitions. The individual paintings are categorized into one of three groups relating to Culver City's history and culture: the natural element (disenos), the built environment (landmarks), and the human element (stories). The artwork's narrative includes references to the early native inhabitants, the incorporation of Culver City in 1917, and the establishment of the movie studios.

Blue McRight was commissioned in 1999 to create Garland for the Staples Center.


City Hall - Council Chambers Lobby

9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver City 90232  View Map

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