Citywide Bicycle Rack Installation Project

Do you know of a Culver City location where a bike rack is needed?

Photograph of bicycle secured to u-shaped bike rack, along street, in front of public building, next to large planter To expand bike parking, Culver City has initiated a Bike Rack Installation Project, part of the City’s efforts to serve the growing bicycling community and promote bicycling as a healthy recreational activity and an environmentally friendly mode of travel.

Bike racks are installed free of charge while supplies last.

Culver City businesses and residents are invited to request bike rack installation at eligible locations in areas of the City where bicycle parking is needed. 

How To Participate

Step 1.Identify a location where bicycle parking is needed


Step 2.Review the location criteria below to determine if the proposed location meets all the bike rack installation criteria


Step 3.Complete and Submit Application Form


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Location Criteria

Photograph of bicycle secured to u-shaped bike rack along a city street, next to parked car and parking meter with buildings in background Although bike rack locations must generally meet the all location criteria, exceptions can be made, and the Public Works Department may approve locations as exempt from one or more criteria on a case-by-case basis.

Bike rack locations may also subject to additional criteria.


  • Locations must be in the public right-of-way or on public property
  • Locations should be prominent, easily accessible to a main public entrance of a facility or other destination, and preference is given to high demand areas, such as near retail centers, transit stops, and public facilities
  • Locations should be in reasonably secure areas that provide adequate lighting and good visibility
  • Locations must have sidewalks wide enough to accommodate pedestrian traffic and bike parking, which is typically a minimum of 8 ft, but preferably 10 ft, so that racks do not impede normal pedestrian flow on sidewalks or to/from parked vehicles at the curb
  • Bike rack installation must not interfere with trees, posts, fire hydrants, bus shelters, or other objects
  • Bike racks cannot be installed on pavers, cobblestones, bricks, custom patterned concrete, or metal gratings or be placed over catch basins or utility boxes
  • Bike racks installed parallel to a curb must be at least 2 ft away from the curb edge
  • Bike racks installed perpendicular to a curb must be at least 4 ft away from the curb edge
  • Multiple bike racks cannot be installed less than 5 ft apart end-to-end


Installation Timeline


Photograph of bicycle secured to u-shaped bike rack at a park, next to playground with large play structure and buildings in the background Total 4-8 weeks

  • Assessment - 1-2 weeks
  • Scheduling and Installation - 2-6 weeks
  • The City reviews bike rack applications on an ongoing basis
  • Approved locations are placed on an approved installation list
  • Bike racks are installed in list order until the available supply is exhausted


What type of bike rack will be installed? 

Image of black bicycle rack in U shape 

  • Culver City uses an inverted-U rack, approximately 36 in tall and 24 in long
  • The rack is designed to park two bikes, each with two points of contact