2017 Sustainable Business Certificate Recipients


In 2017, twelve Culver City businesses achieved Sustainable Business Certification, five of whom achieved Certified Innovator status. 

Collectively they save 10,310 kWh of electricity and 1,598,593 gallons of water annually, an average savings of 53%.

The awards ceremony was held on February 22, 2018 to recognize these business, which was graciously hosted by Akasha.

Businesses achieving Certified Innovator status:

  • Appliances Plumbing Design (APD)
  • Criteo
  • Moving Picture Company (MPC)
  • Popsugar
  • Sole Society


2020-10-PW-GreenLeafOutline1.png 2017 Sustainable Business Certification Awards Event

Event Speakers


Akasha Logo

Akasha was opened in 2008 by Akasha Richmond and Alan Schulman. Together, they renovated the historic Hull Building, turning it into a beautiful restaurant. Akasha’s menu features California and New American cuisine created with cultural influences taken from Chef Akasha’s many travels around the world.

Prior to participating in the this program, Akasha already participated in the West Basin Municipal Water District’s Cash For Kitchens program. Culver City is a partner in the Cash for Kitchens program, which includes a thorough assessment of commercial kitchens that often lead to the installation of free low-flow sink sprayers and rebates on energy efficient equipment and appliances.

Some of Akasha’s program accomplishments include using 100% third-party-certified green cleaning supplies, installing LED lighting with a savings of 2,690 kWh of electricity annually, and retrofitting their faucets, toilets, and urinals with high efficiency models that lead to a savings of 578,479 gallons of water annually. Akasha switched from using disposable plastic straws to paper straws and is on the path to becoming a zero-waste business.

Akasha Manager Mary Skokna with Culver City Mayor Jeffrey Cooper  


A La Carte Thai Bistro

A La Carte Thai Bistro Logo

Everything on A La Carte Thai Bistro’s menu is prepared with high quality ingredients and is made fresh to order. They are located on West Washington Blvd at Centinela Ave, and their customers often remark that whether they dine in, carry out or receive delivery, they always get their order right. 

A La Carte Thai Bistro's program accomplishments include installing LED lighting throughout their restaurant, saving 2,812 kWh in electricity annually, and retrofitting their faucets to conserve water, with an estimated 41,464 gallons of water conserved annually. A La Carte commenced with a robust recycling and organics separation program to divert their waste from landfills. To encourage and support employees to commute by bike, they purchased a tool kit to perform emergency repairs.


Appliances Plumbing Design (APD)

APD Appliances Plumbing Design Logo

Appliances Plumbing Design is a premier supplier of appliances and fixtures offering brand names from around the world. Appliances Plumbing Design is a family business run by Stacy Fisch, who is a second-generation, hands-on owner. Raised in the trade alongside her mother and father, Stacy and her staff are well-informed and up-to-date on product lines, alterations, installation details, and the general remodeling process.

Appliances Pluming Design's program accomplishments include switching to 100% recycled content paper products, establishing a recycling program for appliances, and striving to implement a rechargeable battery process. In addition, the LED lighting retrofit of the store saved an estimated 5,171 kWh of electricity annually. Appliances Plumbing Design is the only certified retail business to become a Certified Innovator in 2017, which includes paying their employees more than the living wage ordinance requires.



Criteo Logo

Criteo, founded by Jean-Baptiste Rudelle in 2005, builds high performing and open commerce marketing ecosystems to drive profits and sales for brands and retailers. Criteo's 2,800 team members partner with over 18,000 customers and thousands of publishers across the globe to connect shoppers to the things they need and love. 

Criteo's program accomplishments include installing water conserving aerators, with a savings of 21,900 gallons of water annually. Criteo also committed to 100% third-party-certified green cleaning supplies and posted conservation signs to raise staff awareness. In addition, they created a c

ompany-wide environmental policy to include in their employee handbook. Criteo became a Certified Innovator, which includes their paying employees more than the living wage ordinance requires, providing employee benefits, and staff engagement in community service. 

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to Criteo


Fresh Paint Art Advisors

Fresh Paint Art Advisors Logo

For over thirty years, Fresh Paint Art Advisors, founded by Josetta Sbeglia, has provided art consulting and project management services to many of the country’s top interior design firms, luxury hotels, and gaming industries. Even prior to participating in this program, Fresh Paint Art Advisors was committed to reducing their carbon footprint by allowing in natural sunlight through multiple windows and skylights and by installing solar photovoltaic panels on their rooftop more than a decade ago. 

Fresh Paint Art Advisors made a commitment towards reducing their eco-footprint by creating and implementing a company-wide sustainable policy. Their program accomplishments include retrofitting all gallery light fixtures to LEDs, saving an estimated 17,294 kWh of electricity annually, posting energy and water conservation prompts, restricting water flow on all restroom faucets, and diligently reporting any water leaks, saving 21,945 gallons of water annually. 



Hi-Lo Liquor Market

Hi-Lo Liquor Market Logo

Hi-Lo Liquor Market is a rejuvenation of the classic neighborhood corner store. They quench the thirst for local and regionally focused craft beer, wine, and artisanal spirits and offer a broad selection of convenience items, decadent snacks, gourmet foods, and traditional sundries. 

Hi-Lo Liquor Market's program accomplishments include switching to third-party-certified 100% non-toxic, green cleaning supplies and increasing zero waste practices, such as replacing disposable cleaning items like paper towels and replacing them with reusable towels. They also installed window shades to reduce heat gain and energy use associated with mechanical cooling at their facility. The retail store had LED lighting installed, saving an estimated 280 kWh of electricity annually, and their toilet and faucets were retrofitted, saving 13,359 gallons of water annually.

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to Hi-Lo LIquor Market  


The Moving Picture Company (MPC)

MPC - The Moving Picture Company Logo

The Moving Picture Company (MPC) is an Academy Award winning creative studio. As world leaders in visual storytelling for over two decades, MPC is renowned for adding visual wonder and creative expertise to the advertising, music, contemporary art, and film industries and crafting work across the full spectrum of comms platforms and immersive technologies. The studio’s unique combination of talent, technology, and craft delivers experiences that are more distinctive and memorable. Recent projects include Disney’s The Jungle Book, Channel 4’s We’re the Superhumans, Samsung Ostrich, and EDEKA 2117.

MPC's program accomplishments include switching to third-party-certified 100% non-toxic, green cleaning supplies, performing an office-wide LED lighting retrofit, saving 13,700 kWh of electricity annually, retrofitting their toilets and faucets, saving 76,262 gallons of water annually, and posting signs to encourage their staff to conserve resources. MPC became a Certified Innovator

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to The Moving Picture Company  


Novecento Pasta & Grill

Novecento Pasta & Grill Logo

Established in Culver City over 23 years ago, Novecento Pasta & Grillis one of the oldest Italian restaurants located on Main Street in the downtown area. Owner Angela Vianello believes in providing fresh, made-to-order, traditional Italian dishes. Novecento is a cozy restaurant offering a traditional blend of Italian pasta, grilled dishes, and housemade desserts, often prepared by Angela herself. 

Novecento Pasta & Grill's program accomplishments include installing new high efficiency toilets and faucet aerators, saving 48,645 gallons of water annually. They retrofitted halogen and compact fluorescents fixtures with LEDs, saving 1,008 kWh of electricity annually, and switched to citrus oil-based, non-aerosol deodorizers in their restrooms. 50% of Novecento’s cleaners used onsite are third-party-certified by the EPA Safer Choice program.

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to Novecento Pasta & Grill  



PopSugar Logo

Popsugaris a global media and technology company that delivers inspiring, informative, and entertaining multi-platform content across entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, parenting, news and more. Their mission is to create media that powers the optimism and dreams of women around the world. 

Popsugar's program accomplishments include establishing a robust recycling program, switching to compostable foodware, and reducing their purchase of single-use water bottles by replacing them with refillable containers available at their water dispensers. PopSugar had their toilets and faucets retrofitted, saving 86,870 gallons of water annually. In addition, Popsugar staff regularly volunteer to serve the Culver City community. PopSugar became a Certified Innovator

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to Popsugar  


Röckenwagner’s Bakery Café 

Rockenwagner's Bakery Cafe Logo

Röckenwagner's Bakery Café was founded in 2015 by Hans Röckenwagner. The business quickly outgrew its original home inside his restaurant and is now a standalone establishment. Today, Röckenwagner’s Bakery Café is a local favorite in the neighborhood, serving its trademark baked goods and featuring a full menu for breakfast, lunch, and brunch -- all in a friendly, familiar setting.  

Röckenwagner's program accomplishments include installing a bike rack onsite and retrofitting restrooms with high efficiency toilets and faucet aerators, savings of 208,415 gallons of water annually. They completed a LED retrofit, saving 390 kWh of electricity annually, and they are expanding their recycling practices to incorporate the separation of organics for composting, thus increasing the amount of solid waste they divert from landfills.

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to Rockenwagner's Bakery Cafe



Rush Street

Rush Street Logo

Rush Street, owned by Brian McKeaney, is named after the famed street in Chicago where Brian’s family also owns six bars and restaurants. Brian opened Rush Street less than a decade ago with the goal of providing a fun, comfortable bar in the busy downtown area where patrons can unwind after work.

Rush Street's program accomplishments include installing LED lighting, saving 1,371 kWh of electricity annually, and retrofitting their faucets to reduce their water use, saving 498,554 gallons of water annually. Rush Street switched from plastic disposable straws to paper straws and encourages customers to opt-out of receiving disposable utensils when placing their take-out food orders.

Prior to participating in the this program, Rush Street already participated in the West Basin Municipal Water District’s Cash For Kitchens program, in which Culver City is a partner. They are in the process of procuring more organic produce and sustainably-harvested seafood. 

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to Rush Street


Sole Society

Sole Society Logo

Sole Society is a women’s apparel company that takes their inspiration from the latest trends. Sole Society’s design is a fresh take on fashion’s must-have looks by offering a wide assortment of brands. They focus on empowering customers to create a style that is solely their own so that every woman can her look her best; every day. 

Sole Society's program accomplishments include creating a used products donation program and initiating a disposable coffee pod recycling program. They switched all their paper goods, including toilet tissue, to products containing 100% post-consumer recycled content. In addition, Sole Society had their toilets and faucets retrofitted, saving 2,261 gallons of water annually.

Sole Society became a Certified Innovator by paying their employees more than the living wage ordinance requires and incorporating many socially responsible practices, such as providing benefits to their employees not traditionally offered by others.

Mayor Jeff Cooper presenting Sustainable Certificate to Sole Society