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Culver City is a thriving community nestled in West Los Angeles surrounded by the communities of Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Santa Monica and West Hollywood. With a population of 40,000 residents the city is at the center of economic, cultural and environmental growth and change.  The community requests conservation efforts on the home front as well in the community at large within the businesses that service the community.

Under the Public Works Department (PWD) umbrella, the Division of Environmental Programs & Operations (EPO) has championed significant efforts to improve services in the areas of resource conservation, environmental and public health protection, recycling and solid waste diversion along with environmental community education.

As part of ongoing efforts to meet the City’s requirement of the State law (AB 939) to divert 50% of the waste materials generated in Culver City from landfill disposal through source reduction, recycling and composting programs, Culver City Refuse and Recycling is also committed to implementing cost-effective and efficient programs that contribute to environmental protection, green-house gas reduction, and energy independence. 

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