La Ballona Safe Routes To School Project

  • Project TypeBicycle & Pedestrian Safety
  • Project ScheduleAugust 2020 - Summer 2021
  • Contractor nameToro Enterprises, Inc.

La Ballona Project 1

La Ballona project1.jpeg

La Ballona Project2

La Ballona Project 2.jpeg

La Ballona Project 3

La Ballona Project 3.jpg

Project Goals

  • Make walking and biking to La Ballona Elementary School safer and more comfortable
  • Project completed 2021

Proposed Improvements

  • Curb extensions at intersections to shorten pedestrian crossing distances
  • New ADA ramps to make it easier to cross the street in a wheelchair or with a stroller
  • New high-visibility crosswalks
  • New controlled intersections with median refuge islands on Washington Blvd
  • New street trees and pedestrian-scale lighting
  • A new protected bike lane on Elenda Street between Culver Blvd. and Washington Blvd

Project Plans

Project Funding

  • California Active Transportation Program Cycle 2 Grant

Public Notice

  • Considered by Culver City Council: May 2019, February 2020
  • Contract Awarded: Monday, April 13, 2020
  • Construction Notice(PDF, 427KB)
  • Community Meetings and Outreach Events