Measure CW - November 8, 2016

The Clean Water, Clean Beach Parcel Tax

During the November 8, 2016 Special Municipal Election, Culver City residents voted on Measure CW, the Clean Water, Clean Beach Parcel Tax.  The results are as follows: YES - 73.82%; NO - 26.18%.  Funds raised by Measure  CW will be used for improvements in water quality in Ballona Creek, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.  Measure CW required approval by 2/3 of those voting on the measure to pass. 

Need for Measure CW

Dangerous bacteria, pesticides, toxic chemicals, oil and grease, trash and other pollutants are deposited on our roadways and flow into Ballona Creek, Marina del Rey, and the ocean through our storm drains, by rain, and other runoff water.  These pollutants harm fish and wildlife, cause illness and infections for swimmers and surfers, and make beaches unsafe and unsightly for families and visitors.  The State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards have implemented very strict pollution reduction regulations for storm water runoff.  These regulations require the City of Culver City to develop and implement programs to reduce and prevent water pollution.

Purpose of Measure CW

Measure CW establishes an annual Clean Water, Clean Beaches Parcel Tax in the City of Culver City.  Measure CW was placed on the ballot by the City Council of the City of Culver City to create a dedicated source of funding to pay for water quality programs that will prevent pollution from reaching our waterways, beaches and the Ballona Creek Estuary.  Measure CW required approval by 2/3 of those voting on the measure.

Cost of Measure CW

$99 annually per single family residential parcel

$69 annually per multi-family residential dwelling unit

$1,096 annually per acre of land or portion thereof for non-residential

Each parcel owner of a non-residential property will be taxed $1,096 per acre of land (or portion thereof) annually.  The $1,096 will be pro-rated for non-residential parcels less than one acre.  For example, a non-residential parcel of one-half acre will be taxed $548.  Land owners are taxed, not individual businesses located on the non-residential property.  For larger parcels with multiple tenants, the land owner will receive one bill based on the size of the parcel, not the tenants.

Tax-exempt parcels will not be charged.  Charges will first appear on the tax statements in fall 2017.  Measure CW is expected to generate about $2 million per year.  All Measure CW money will be used here in Culver City to reduce water pollution.

Use of Measure CW Funds

Measure CW funds will be placed in a special Clean Water, Clean Beaches Fund, and funds must be used exclusively for reducing and preventing water pollution and managing storm water and urban runoff.  The Financial Advisory Committee will oversee how the funds are spent.

What you need to know about Measure CW(PDF, 5MB).

View the quick Fact Guide on Measure CW(PDF, 158KB).

Important Information on Measure CW

Enhanced Watershed Management Programs and Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Plans

Ballona Creek

Enhanced Watershed Management Program for the Ballona Creek Watershed(PDF, 29MB)

Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program (CIMP) for the Ballona Creek Watershed(PDF, 17MB)

Marina Del Rey

Marina del Rey Enhanced Watershed Management Program Plan(PDF, 22MB)

Marina del Rey Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program(PDF, 18MB)

City Contacts for Measure CW

Charles Herbertson, P.E. and L.S., Public Works Director and City Engineer - (310) 253-5635